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Disecto Review

October 4th, 2004 5:08pm
Reviewed by Steve Giles
There are so many models available of this illusion so it's a good idea to shop around to find one that suits your act.

However they all work the same. This is a safe and easy illusion to do. The one thing that I do like is that if you get a terrified helper up you can easily show them the modus operandi to help them relax (better than having someone faint on you) Or you can do it and leave your helper like the rest of the audience, without a clue on how it was done.

The great thing about this illusion is that you can cut the persons wrist slowly (or fast) and everyone can watch the blade go through the wrist. YUK!!!

It's also ideal for publicity shots and that quick large trick that you are asked to perform for promotions and to the 'boss' at company fuctions.

Well worth getting! But do spend that little extra to get a good quality one.

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Show the spectators how the Disecto works by cutting three carrots -- one where the spectator's hand is inserted, one above the hand and one below. A dozen pieces may be sliced in just a few seconds...just like Vego-Matic. The spectator now inserts his hand in the Disecto, and it is held in place by special locking pieces. While this is going on, the blade is in full view. Carrots are now placed in both the top and bottom holes. Slowly and deliberately, the blade is forced through the top carrot, cutting it cleanly in two. Next, the blade is forced through the spectator's wrist ... the blade still being visible. When the blade is halfway through the wrist, the spectator is asked if he can feel the blade. Heanswers YES. He can actually feel the blade going through his wrist. After the blade passes through his wrist, it cuts through the carrot in the lower hole. The spectator's hand may be removed before the blade is returned to its original position, or the blade can be passed back up through the wrist.

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