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Anverdi, 50 Years of Magical Creations Review

December 14th, 2002 6:50pm
Reviewed by Steve Giles
Great book.
Covers most of Anverdis creations, however be warned that most of the electronic circuits are out dated, however the basic principles are there and anyone good with electronics will be able to adapt them.

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Author: Anverdi, Tony
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From the first person to make advancements with electronics in magic. Anverdi has consented to allow all of his highly guarded secrets to be told in this definitive book. Incredible mysteries presented with Silks, Sponge Balls, Liquids and Mentalism. Over 200 pages of explicit line drawings, text and rare electronic circuit diagrams. It's all here. This long awaited book covers the beginning of Anverdi's brilliant theories, his miracles, and much more. Written by Anverdi himself, with a special insight only he could bestow. A book to be treasured; a true collector's item. Hardbound; Over 200 pages.

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