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Electronic Close-Up Case Review

April 3rd, 2004 11:06am
Reviewed by Steve Giles
At $700 this equipment is totally over priced. I bought mine on ebay at 1/3 of the price and I still feel I was over charged.

So what's the problem with the trick? Where do I start.. Basically It's badly made and looks very amateurish.

The first thing is the box that it all comes in, the top has a bit of felt stuck on it. It would have been nice to have a closeup type of material on it, but the feel straight away says to me 'Home Made'.

The inside of the box is divided into 4 sections to house the different tricks, however the partitions are far to big, so all the equipment rolls around.

The equipment is actually 3 tricks in one.

The first being the Poker rising cards. The acutual houlette is very crudely made. The houlette is unfinished (the edges could do with sanding) even the sides don't seem to be square and edges stick out in some places. The fake pack of playing cards look exactly like a fake pack of playing cards. The motor is noisy and the cards sometimes rise 2 at a time. This is suposed to be a close up outfit so the noise of the motor is just not acceptable.

The Omega Spirit Clock: You would have thought that as it's an adapted clock that this would be OK, but sadly the back door is painted black (why I don't know) but it looks like it been painted with tar and just slapped on. It really looks awful. The clock only has one hand so you can only choose an Hour, I am sure that with a bit more thought 2 hands could have been used. Or the minute hand could have been stuck at 12 giving the impression that the choosen hour is just that with the minute hand point directly at the 12 hour.

The Electronic Monte: Showing the audience that there is no electronics inside at the end of the trick to my mind is telling the audience how the trick is done. Whether people are baffled by it I really don't know as I've not tried it out, I very much doubt it. However, a few LED lights that light up when you press the buttons I think would make the difference.

My Final gripe is the remote. This is JUMBO size, with today's electronics the remote could be the size of a key fob not something that measures 3" x 2 1/2" x 1".

Why I am so hard on this review: Well, the tricks theoretically are good ideas, however because of the price it is obviously designed for the professional; however the quality and craftmanship is purely amateurish. I don't know if Chuck Caputo thinks that this is professional quality if he does then my standards must be a lot higher than his. If it was me I would have paid someone else to make it up for me even it did mean loosing a bit of profit.

I am tempted to give it half a star but I give it one star for idea.

At $700 NO WAY!

Product info for Electronic Close-Up Case

Author: Caputo, Chuck
Publisher: Chuck Caputo
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $700.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Includes three radio-controlled effects:

Hand-made Houlette and Card Block. Spectator's chosen card(s) rises one at a time. Completely under your control. Each unit is hand-crafted, with miniature electronics & motor - Radio Control.

Similar to Jumbo Rising Cards, but now compact and combined with 2 other fantastic effects..

Hands-free operation for a really stunning effect.

Briefly, a spectator's freely-chosen "hour" is then revealed on the Spirit Clock. This is not a force - any hour is named. Very eerie effect. Great for a finale effect. Clock hand can move right in front of the spectator if you choose.

This is a totally different Monte! A very decorative wooden box is shown to contain 3 push buttons. Only one visibly makes a buzzing sound when pushed. No matter, the spectator can never duplicate this. You always win! Then, to further amaze them, you remove the insides of the box to show empty! Nothing is to be found - radio control with hidden electronics. Each case is stained & hand-rubbed, and has a felt top.

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