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Salt Shaker Set - Mikame Review

January 16th, 2004 9:40pm
Reviewed by Steve Giles
I didn't really want to give this item a low rating but I think I have no choice.
The salt Shakers look lovely but then again they are not actually made by Mikame they have only been adapted. There are a number ofthings I don't like about this trick, first of all it can't be used on a close up mat unless your close up mat is hard but the most annoying thing is that is that the salt shaker is suppose to allow you release one coin at a time but no matter how much I try it only works about 75% of the time. The rest of the time you get 2 or even 3 which when performing with it will ruin your whole routine.

If I want to have another grumble, yes it's true that you get a 6 page illustrated rountined instruction sheet, but like all of Mikame Instruction sheets I just wish that they would get some one who spoke English to write it for them properly, Although it's perfectly easy to understand I find it annoying to read things like "Two pieces of Shakers make up one set of the MC Salt Shaker!"

I'm sorry at nearly $60 I want something that actually works properly.

I may be doing something wrong when I perform it, then i aplogise, but I don't think so It could also be that I have a 'dud' but even if it did work I still think it's overpriced for something that is 'Hit & Miss' and basically only an adapted salt shaker!
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Product info for Salt Shaker Set - Mikame

Author: Mikame
Publisher: Mikame
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $53.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

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SELF-Working Beautiful Coin Miracle with build in gimmick!

Mikame Craft's Original apparatus allows coins to be produced without sleight of hand.
Produce each of the FOUR coins Anytime, Anywhere as desired!
Magic with ordinary objects is rare, let alone self-working.
Perfection is Mikame Craft's resolution to the magic business!

Produce Half dollars from your displayed EMPTY hands without sleights!
Four Half dollars appear one by one from this salt shaker at your command.

Even Produce FOUR Coins at one time !
Coins APPEAR from :
Under the Salt Shaker
Examined EMPTY Hands!
Under a card
Thin Air
Shiney Metal Lids - Acrylic Shakers - 4 inches Tall - 2 inches in Width
6 Pages Photo Illustrated Routined Instructions

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