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Holy COW Review

Official Review

February 3rd, 2016 10:53pm
Reviewed by Doc Johnson
First, let me say that I don’t consider myself a coin expert. I have a few routines that I do, a couple routines with a borrowed quarter or a few borrowed quarters, and a few more formal routines like a matrix that is not far from Al Schneiders original matrix and a coins across / through table routine that includes much of what is on the Victorian Coins DVD by Kainoa Harbottle. So, I am looking at this review from the perspective of someone who is interested in coin routines, but not an expert.

At first glance, this seems like a collection of very advanced coin moves. However, I think you will find that some of the moves on this DVD are harder than others, while other moves are within the grasp of beginner to intermediate skill level.

I would suggest that if you are interested in coin magic, look for one move on the DVD that you could incorporate into a routine and focus on that move. Or, you could start with a simple single coin routine from the DVD. There are a couple examples of some really fun stuff that is very doable. I would not suggest you try to master everything on the DVD. For example, I have a single borrowed coin routine that I enjoy. It uses simple moves like false transfer, Goshman pinch, pointer finger curl, and thumb palm. I found a couple moves on this DVD that enhanced the routine.

In this review, I will cover the moves in the DVD and give a review for each:

ARMING: A nice one hand appearing and disappearing move. The DVD starts with this move. I would say that your success with this move is not so much about the difficulty level as it is about the humidity of your hands and arms. If your hands and arms are generally dry, this is going to be a hard move. If your hands and arms are moist, this move is very doable. My hands and arms run dry. With a bit of lotion, I found this move quite easy after just a minute or two of practice.

HOLY COW CHANGE: This is a beautiful combination of the arming technique to vanish a coin with one hand and a very simply production of a different coin with the other hand. Viraully, it is stunning. It looks like one coin just turns into another coin. This move is an extension of Arming. If you can master arming, then this move is easy.

HOLY COW BLUR: A beautiful single coin move. You toss the coin from one hand down to the other and close the other hand. The hand is opened and the coin has vanished. This beautiful move is a bit nacky. This is one that you will have to experiment with different ways of holding and handling the move. In the explanation, he teaches each move separately so you practice each portion of the series of moves. With a bit of practice, the various moves come together.

HOLY COW ILLUSION: This is a series of moves to make a coin appear, vanish, appear, and vanish. Interestingly, a portion of this sequence is something that I had been doing in an impromptu sort of way. This DVD helped me with a method that makes a move I was already doing to make it easier and more magical.

CHEF’S COIN 2.0: This is a beautiful coin routine. OK, this one is not easy. I would suggest that rather than trying to do the entire routine, either incorporate some of the moves in a routine you already do, or simply create a simple routine with one or two of the moves to start. What I really like about this is all of these moves are for a single coin. For me, I think these are awesome for an impromptu borrowed coin routine.

INVISIBLE MOVE: These are some beautiful 3 fly moves. His 3 fly uses four coins. In my own three fly routine, with just three borrowed quarters, I modeled my 3 fly after Greg Wilson’s 3 fly from one of his DVDs. There are some similar moves here, and I learned some nice moves to enhance my own routine.

INVISIBLE MOVE 2.0: This is another version of 3 fly. I discovered from this routine that some coins work better for some moves than others. He uses dollar coins and I use quarters. One of the moves just doesn’t work with quarters. This is another example of applying some of the material on this DVD to your own routines and ignoring other material.

INVISIBLE HOLE: A nice routine where one of three coins in your hand appears to go through the bottom of a small glass into the glass. This routine involves moves that in my experience will only work with certain size coins. He uses dollar coins.

SILVER CENTIPEDE: This is a nice routine with a copper silver coin. Again, these include moves that you will need to see how they work with different coin sizes. This routine also uses some moves that will require more advanced practice and skill.

COW SPELLBOUND: This is an awesome two coin routine. When you see the performance, it looks daunting. When you see the explanation, you will see that most of the moves are not so complicated. Some practice of each individual move and I think this is within the grasp of intermediate skill level.

Learning coin routines is much like concept of how do you eat a giant watermelon? One bite at a time. Don’t attempt to learn an entire routine. Learn a single move, then a second move, then a third, and before you know it, you have a routine.

The camera work and instructions are simply tremendous! While it is all taught to music, each move is shown close up, sometimes in slow motion or with stops at key points and key elements highlighted, as well as demonstrating problems and what not to do.

The ad copy merely has quotes and lists the contents. So, given the only write up is people’s opinion, there isn’t anything misleading on the ad copy, but the ad copy isn’t really that descriptive. I would say that by way of ad copy, you should know that these are coin moves that are going to take some practice. Every single one of the moves and routines uses un-gimmicked coins and pure sleight of hand.


This is a really good coin DVD for anyone interested in serious un-gimmicked coin work. While everything on this DVD is going to take practice, I would think that a beginner or intermediate coin worker could pick up something useful here.

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