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6 Minutes Review

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September 26th, 2015 5:26am
Reviewed by James Sanden
“6 Minutes” by Matt Fore is a six minute comedy ring and rope routine that can be performed close up, as well as on stage. There are four phases with seven magical moments, including cutting and restoring the rope twice, two ring-off-rope sequences, a moment where the ends and middle of the rope change places, and rope through neck. The DVD includes a full performance filmed at a corporate morning meeting, as well as a thorough explanation.

The magic itself is strong with a lot of variety. The routine also flows fairly nicely and builds well. While none of the phases in the routines are original with Mr. Fore, he did a great deal of research while preparing for this project and credits the various originators extensively. The instruction is outstanding and it’s clear Mr. Fore gave a great deal of thought as to how to teach the material. He offers a number of practical tips, garnered from years of experience, and organizes the instruction carefully, which is particularly useful in a rope routine, which can get confusing quickly. At the end of each section he also reviews the method from the performer’s point of view in order to give the viewer a better idea of what’s happening. This is a great addition, though there was one point at which the “from behind” camera angle was blocked by the back of his hand, making it difficult to follow what was happening.

Given that the title of the DVD is “6 Minutes of Killer Comedy…”, the quality of the “comedy” need be addressed. If one is looking for a Mac King level of humor in a rope routine, it won’t be found here. The comedy is almost entirely based on classic gags and bits of business, including some insult humor and gags based on making the spectator the butt of the joke. For the most part, Mr. Fore handles the spectator gracefully and doesn’t make them feel badly, but since part of what’s being purchased on this project are the jokes, I feel the purchaser has the right to know. At the same time, there were a couple of very funny moments in the routine that I had never seen before, and even the classic gags and bits of business had moments and ways of delivering the material that were interesting. Mr. Fore has clearly performed this routine for many years, and has squeezed a great deal of entertainment from it. Just keep in mind, the jokes he uses are ones you’re likely to have seen and heard before.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of releases that don’t offer anything that hasn’t been seen before. However, Mr. Fore does routine everything together in a dynamic way and presents the classic material well and to great effect. If you’re looking for a routine that’s already built and enjoy performing classic gags and bits of business, this routine could play very well for you.

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Publisher: Matt Fore
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Oh sure, anybody can kill time on stage. The question is, "Can you absolutely deliver solid Magic and Comedy Entertainment to your paying audience?" Can you provide an act that is Engaging, Polished, Hilarious and filled with Feats of the Impossible? Does your act leave the audience laughing and does it always get you that wonderful round of applause?

That's what 6 Minutes is all about. It's 6 Minutes of solid Killer Magic and Comedy using nothing but a rope, a ring and a pair of scissors. And it can be performed for one person at a table or a thousand people in a theater. It's proven and time tested for over thirty years.

But best of all, 6 Minutes can be perfected by magicians at any skill level. This is 6 Minutes you will be repeating for a lifetime.

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