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Equilibrium Review

Official Review

September 26th, 2015 5:26am
Reviewed by James Sanden
“Equilibrium” by Daniel Meadows offers an update on a classic effect, pioneered by Al Koran and Dave Arch. In the effect the spectator secretly cuts a group of cards off the deck, then gives the performer some cards as well. Joining hands with the spectator, the performer begins discarding cards until he or she magically determines the two groups of cards are in “equilibrium.” When the spectator and magician count their cards, they are seen to have the same number.

The project includes the necessary gimmick, in both red and blue bicycle backs, as well as a DVD teaching several different ways of presenting the effect, allowing the performer to build a multi phase routine, as well as providing options for an impromptu performance. Instruction is clear and complete, done for a single camera in a studio. In addition to the approaches for the effect taught, Mr. Meadows’ also warns against some common pitfalls, answers some frequently asked questions, and offers some ideas for other uses for the included gimmick. Strangely, the effect is never demonstrated for an actual spectator, though a walk through is shown on camera. This is a bit inexplicable, as the trailer for the project includes brief clips of a variety of performances captured on film.

The DVD offers updates to both method and presentation for the effect. Regarding method, he introduces the “Deadly Locator Card,” a cleverly gimmicked card that allows the effect to be done with the deck face down and the performer blindfolded. The gimmick itself is very well made and will not be detected by the spectator. Further, it’s a versatile gimmick, able to be used in a range of circumstances and in a variety of ways. The presentation he offers is also a huge improvement, as it gives context to an effect that might otherwise be dry and uninteresting. Simply by adding the idea of sensing when two people’s choices are in balance brings a relevance and interest to the routine, which is particularly powerful in a mentalism effect like this one.

“Equilibrium” is a fascinating premise for a classic effect, with a definite improvement in method. It’s of note that the included gimmicked cards would be difficult to make, at least at the level of quality seen in the project. If you like the effect and appreciate the versatility of a well-made locator card, “Equilibrium” is a good investment.

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Author: Meadows, Daniel
Average Rating:  (3)
Retail Price: $24.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Demonstrate the ability to synchronize precisely with ANY spectator. ANY time. AGAIN and AGAIN. Just by taking hold of their hand you can effortlessly reach a state of EQUILIBRIUM with them.

With Equilibrium, Daniel Meadows has built on the work of Al Koran & Dave Arch to update an old principle with a new twist in order to produce an effect of contact mind-reading. The mechanics are simple and allow you to really connect with your participant and focus on the pure effect.

Imagine this:
A spectator cuts off some cards from a deck and then gives you some cards too.
The spectator holds their cards behind their back at all times
You join hands with the spectator and form a connection
You eliminate cards from your hand until you reach a state of Equilibrium
You both deal your cards down to reveal you have the same number;
You have exactly matched them!

Points to remember:
Extremely easy to do!
Resets instantly!
No memory work!
No angle issues!
Can be performed without a table!
Now can be performed genuinely blindfolded!

Equilibrium introduces the new 'Deadly Locator Card' which hides in your deck in plain sight until you need it. Whenever required, it allows you to create miracles from a shuffled deck in use. On the accompanying DVD, Daniel Meadows teaches 4 different ways of performing the main Equilibrium effect along with a handful of bonus ideas to get the most out of your Deadly Locator Card.

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