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The Cube PLUS (Gimmicks & DVD) Review

Official Review

September 23rd, 2015 6:33pm
Reviewed by James Sanden
“The Cube +” by Takamitsu Utsui is a lovely effect with two scrambled Rubik’s Cubes where two spectators call out any two colors found on the cubes. The magician places the two scrambled cubes inside a paper bag, and when they are poured out, each cube has one side solved, with the two sides solved being the two colors called out by the spectators. It’s a great moment of magic.

The effect does require some dexterity and skill with a Rubik’s Cube, though the ability to solve it is not necessary. It does require two Rubik’s Cubes, which the purchaser must buy and modify using the included materials. The modification is simple and won’t effect the cube’s operation, however it should be known the audience cannot examine the cubes prior to performance.

Instruction is in Japanese with English subtitles. Unfortunately, a fluent English speaker did not do the translation. While everything necessary to perform the effect was explained and could be understood, repeated viewings were necessary (at least for this viewer.) After the explanation the producers included another section demonstrating the effect from the performers point of view, which was followed by a detailed walk through, including how to reset the effect. Also included was a section on how to disassemble and reassemble an accidentally scrambled cube, a very useful resource given the method.

While there has been a lot of Rubik’s Cube magic released of late (including an earlier DVD by Mr. Itsui covering more traditional scrambling and solving effects), the effect of magically solving a called for side of a Rubik’s Cube is fairly unusual. The method is clever and while it will require some practice, any ability to solve the cube is unnecessary. This effect is impressive, surprising and has a great method. You won’t be disappointed.

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Product info for The Cube PLUS (Gimmicks & DVD)

Author: Takamitsu Usui
Publisher: Tejinaya
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $39.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

The Cube is so well-known that it is still a great seller right now, however, the follow-up product is coming up!

Showing the audiences two Rubik's Cubes where colors are in random order and asking two spectaculars to choose one color they like from the two cubes.

Putting the cubes into a paper bag and then taking them out again... The pieces of colors the spectators chose are all gathered together!

There is NO Force! Feel free to choose any color your audience likes. The effect would be more amazing with "THE CUBE"

This product includes DVD (language: Japanese ; Subtitle: English) and necessary material needed.

NOTE: Rubik's Cube is not included, please be prepared with a Rubik's Cube of your own.

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