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Lynx Wallet Review

Official Review

June 14th, 2015 3:51am
Reviewed by James Sanden
Cleanly producing a freely named card is a classic of magic. In the case of the “Lynx Wallet” by Lynx Magic, the performer can produce a freely named card from an envelope in his or her wallet. Per the ad copy, and relevant to any potential purchaser,

• The wallet is in full view before the spectator names a card
• The envelope contains one, and only one, card
• Any card from a 52 card deck can be named
• The spectator can reach inside the wallet before the routine begins and confirm there is only one envelope in the wallet

The “Lynx Wallet” comes with a gimmicked wallet, additional items needed for the effect, plus information on where to find the instructions for the wallet online. The wallet is a bill fold type hip pocket wallet, though it’s slightly taller than most wallets of this type. In addition to the bill compartment, it also has slots for credit cards as well as a zipper compartment that can be used to hold props for other effects. The wallet is well made and, if handled properly, will not arouse suspicion, even in a close up environment.

The instruction for the “Lynx Wallet” is on, accessible using the included passwords. The instruction is clear enough, though at times difficult to understand as both of the people providing the instruction have very thick accents. The videos include basic information, a close up performance, a stage performance, some handling tips plus additional routining ideas. At times the instruction was repetitive, but this is a minor complaint.

The routines taught are not particularly clever or inspiring, but that isn’t really what one is purchasing with this wallet. What one is purchasing is a method. And as a method, it’s a fairly workhorse approach, though well executed and, if performed well, will be deceptive. The main drawback is that, at the beginning of the routine, when the envelope is displayed as the only envelope in the wallet, it has to be placed back into the wallet, then removed again by the magician at the end. If the routine you plan to perform can justify this somewhat illogical procedure, then there isn’t a problem.

Being able to show that you have predicted any card a spectator names is a powerful effect. Countless methods exist, as do approaches. When choosing strategies, there are always benefits and drawbacks, and the correct approach depends on the effect one wants to achieve. To know if the “Lynx Wallet” is for you, watch the trailer. If the effect as it appears fits your style and approach, this could be a great fit. But keep in mind, this is a utility device, not a routine. To get the most out of it, you’ll need to come up with an application that makes good use its particular advantages and limitations. And at $100, it’s not cheap. Make sure you know how you’ll use it before you buy it so it doesn’t end up in the drawer of unused props.

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Author: Lynx Magic
Publisher: Magic Without Limits
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $99.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Lynx Magic brings you Lynx Wallet, an essential utility prop that takes the classic "named card to envelope" to a whole new level, with the working professional magician in mind.

Inspired by the effect "Bang On" created by Marc Oberon, Gon

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