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UNLOAD BLUE (DVD & Gimmicks) Review

Official Review

March 17th, 2015 5:23am
Reviewed by James Sanden
Vanishing a deck of cards is a classic effect in card magic, with many methods having been made available over the years, from pure sleight of hand to complex gimmicks. “Unload” by Anthony Stan is a gimmicked addition to the genre that allows the performer to vanish the deck from within the card box. Selling points include that the deck really goes into the box and that the box is examinable after the vanish. It can also be used to transform the deck into another item, as well as vanish or transform other small, flat items that will fit into a card box.

“Unload” comes with most of what one needs to construct the gimmick, as well as an instructional DVD. The remaining items needed to assemble the gimmick can be found at any office supply store, if not one’s desk at home. Assembly appears straightforward and should take just a few minutes.

Unfortunately, the DVD instruction is some of the worst I’ve seen. The explanation for assembling the gimmick is done very quickly against a black background, on a black table, making it difficult to track what’s happening. The DVD is in French, with horribly translated subtitles, and there are multiple occasions when Mr. Stan speaks extensively and there are no subtitles translating what he says. Further, his explanation of the basic technique and method is vague and incomplete, and the accompanying footage is difficult to follow, leaving the performer to fill in the gaps.

Mr. Stan teaches a number of applications for “Unload,” beyond the basic effect of vanishing the deck, leaving just the selection behind. These include a transposition, a variety of transformations and a handling of cards through table. The nature of his method also means that, once the deck has vanished and been reproduced, the performer can easily segue into a color changing deck effect, a diminishing deck effect or a routine that ends with a blank deck. Mr. Stan also demonstrates an easy way to modify the gimmick so that bills, billets or other small, flat objects can be vanished or transformed using the card box. While the basic routines require the use of a jacket, at the end of the DVD, some bonus routines are taught that can be performed without one. I found these applications particularly interesting, and, while he performs them while sitting, with a little reworking I believe they could be adapted to a stand up performance. Of the many routines taught, some are interesting, clever and worth exploring. The rest of the routines stretch the practicality of the application, with other approaches and methods being better suited for those effects.

The gimmick is simple, but effective, with the important caveat being that one needs to wear a jacket in order to perform the standard applications of “Unload.” While there are problems with the instruction, the basic idea of the gimmick is straightforward. While it would be nice to have thorough, complete instruction, including clear footage of both instruction and performance from multiple angles, as well as extensive discussion of technique and subtleties, with an hour or two spent working out the handling in front of a mirror, one should be able to work out what one needs to know. If you are looking for a utility gimmick to vanish a deck, with a variety of applications, and wear a jacket while performing, “Unload” could work well for you.

“Unload” is an interesting, flexible utility gimmick with some clever properties that comes with a terrible instructional DVD containing some good ideas, as well as some bad ones. There are many sleight of hand approaches, as well as gimmicks, for vanishing a deck of cards. But if you like the idea of vanishing a deck of cards from a box that can be examined, or like the idea of a card box that can accomplish this, and perform in a jacket, you may like “Unload.” Just keep in mind, you’ll have to work out the kinks on your own, as the DVD falls short when it comes to quality and complete instruction.

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Product info for UNLOAD BLUE (DVD & Gimmicks)

Author: Anthony Bouchared
Publisher: Magic Smile Productions
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $49.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

You want to realize effects have a big impact on your audience ? UNLOAD is for you.

UNLOAD is an amazing vanishing deck but not just that!

Imagine a freely selected card by a spectator. The card is signed and lost in the middle of the deck. You put all in the box and you put it on the table or on the hand of the spectator. And now, you are able to make vanish all the cards except the signed card.

Here's one of endless possibilities with UNLOAD. You'll discover a tool which allow you to realize a lot of different effects. The only limit is your imagination.

Features :

- Easy to do

- Effects with stong impact

- When you put the cards in the box, you can put the box on the table or in the spectator hand, and you don't retouch there any more !

- The cards are placed back into the box which is visible until the end.

- The spectator opens the box himself to see that there is inside.

- Use normal playing cards

- Reset in 10 seconds

- Many possibilities

Description :

VOLATIL : This is the main effect of the DVD ! A card is freely selected, signed and lost in the deck. The deck is put in the box. All the cards vanishes except the signed card.

TRANSPO : A chosen card and signed is put on the table. The rest of the deck is put in the card case. The magician takes the chosen card which becomes the rest of the deck. The spectator opens the box, there's one card : the signed card.

THE BUSINESS CARD : The entire deck is put in the card case. All the cards turns to business card.

VANISHING DECK : The deck is put in the card case and vanish.

CARD TROUGH TABLE : The deck is put in the card case and put on the table. All the cards (or except the chosen card) pass through the table.

TORN AND RESTORED CARD : A car dis chosen by the spectator and torn in quaters. Fragments are locked into the box. By magic, the car is restored.

CARD TO IMPOSSIBLE LOCATION : Before beginning, a card folded in 4 is placed in the box. Then, a card is chosen and signed by the spectator, and lost in the middle of the deck. The magician takes the folded card in the box : the signed card !

TRIUMPH : A card is chosen and lost in the middle of the deck. Then the cards are mixed in chaos (cards face up, cards face down). All the cards are going to return in the same direction except the chosen card


Running Time Approximately : 60min

Included : DVD + Gimmicks

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