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Water Works (DVD and Gimmicks) Review

Official Review

December 15th, 2014 12:01pm
Reviewed by Doc Johnson

This is the best anti-gravity demonstration with a water bottle. The advancement over other versions is the gimmick is built into the cap so your hands are empty and examinable. The bottle is examinable before and after the effect. The gimmick allows for you to put an entire pen or pencil into the bottom of the bottle.

The instruction is very good.


The only consideration that I can think of is you will either need to do this effect outdoors, or over something that will catch water. The effect is designed to show that some water will come out of the upside down bottle in your hand and then defies gravity when you remove your hand. When you insert a pencil, several drops will come out.


This is the best gravity defying water bottle effect ever!

Suggestions from the Reviewer

I think it is important to give every action a meaning. So, when you place the cap on the bottle, there needs to be a reason for this. I rub my hands together briskly and hold my hands on each side of the bottle as I explain that I am changing the alignment of the molecules within the water itself.

Finally, the effect comes with a water bottle with no label on it. You don’t have to use this bottle, you can use most water or even plastic soda bottles. The idea is if your location doesn’t have the same sort of bottles, you can transfer a label from a bottle common in your location to the provided bottle. This gave me an idea. This will require a bit of arts and crafts. From a small piece of wood, like a popcycle stick, carve out a boat shape and color it with magic marker if you like. Make sure it is the proper dimensions based on the effect. Glue a small weight to the bottom. For a weight, you could use a tiny piece of a paperclip, cut with wire cutters, for example. If you use a regular water bottle, tear off the label during performance, or use the bottle supplied with the effect. When you turn the bottle upside down, instead of inserting a pencil, insert a couple tiny boats so your participants can see them floating to the top and bobbing around on the surface of the water inside. You will want to test these out so they have the right amount of wood and weight for the right buoyancy on the water. With a little switch, you could hand out a regular water bottle with a couple boats floating inside, to the participant to keep. If you are a kid, make sure you get an adult to help with the cutting.

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Product info for Water Works (DVD and Gimmicks)

Author: Uday Jadugar
Publisher: Paul Harris
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $39.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

An astonishing new method for the easiest, most powerful anti-gravity water effect...Ever.

The good news is; You never have to hide anything in your hands! Plus there are no chemicals or sticky stuff involved. Your spectator can even take a sip of water from the bottle during the performance! Your hands are 100% clean... At ALL times!

Basic Effect:

Your always-empty hands take a normal examined clear plastic bottle of water and turn it mouth down. There should be a messy flood of water...but instead, there are just a few drips...and then...nothing! The water stays impossibly suspended inside the upside-down open bottle. The cap and bottle are inspected and there is nothing to find!! No Ditching! No Palming! No Stealing!

And even cooler than then push a FULL SIZE pencil or pen up into the open bottle mouth...completely in the water!

No other version allows you to put such a huge object into the BOTTLE!

You then turn the bottle mouth end up...all is back to normal. Your spectators can completely examine EVERYTHING.

No Palming. Your fingers never ever have to load or steal anything!

WaterWorks' exciting new gimmick makes this 100% self-contained.

BONUS: A Great Free Optional Presentation: WATERBALL.

Water Ball:

A weird science "experiment" where a spectator drops a special blue ball into the open bottle of water. The ball slowly sinks down through the water. You turn the bottle mouth down...the blue ball slowly sinks down again...and finally drops out of the bottle...somehow leaving the water suspended! This cool visual is also a brilliant convincer that nothing is secretly blocking the water.

So exactly how easy is Waterworks?

The normal actions you see in the demo is all there is to do. Period. The ingenious new gimmick does all the secret stuff for you!

* No Palming. Your hands and fingers are always empty!

* Completely Self-Contained. Use the same gimmick over and over. Resets in seconds. Perform completely surrounded. Spectator can take a sip from the bottle. Ingenious new gimmick allows everything to be examined. A normal size pen or pencil can be pushed into the suspended water.Uday Jadugar's WaterWorks comes complete with precision-engineered gimmick, special blue WaterBall, custom keychain carrying case and instructional DVD. We even include a normal water you can get your Waterworks working right away!

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