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At the Table Live Lecture - Kostya Kimlat 8/13/2014 - video DOWNLOAD Review

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October 27th, 2014 1:05am
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
This is a very difficult lecture to rate because of the subject nature of it all. On one hand, most magicians attend lectures to learn new effect or to learn about certain aspects of magic and performance, such as theory, blocking, scripting, show structure, etc. You will find nothing of that nature in this lecture. In fact, during the whole 2 hour and 20 minute lecture only two magic effects are covered and neither of them are explained - both are marketed effects. In the context of this particular lecture, that is okay. More on this later.

This particular lecture is aimed not at professional magicians necessarily, but at anyone that has ever though about becoming a part time professional or full time professional, or those just wanting to do the occasional gig for some sort of monetary compensation. However, magicians of all levels WILL get something out of this lecture.

If you have ever thought about breaking into the restaurant market or other markets as a semi-pro or pro magician, you NEED to watch this lecture. Kostya covers a whole different world that even most working pros do not pay much attention to, or at least that many people never think about or know exists. That world is the business side of magic: The marketing, the financing, PR, business design, media kits, and so, so much more. Speaking from experience, if you ask any successful (I said successful, not rich) full time magician, they will tell you that they spend more time doing that work than they do actually performing, no matter how many shows they do a year.

Kostya lays it out on the table with various graphs and charts which you can use to help yourself structure your shows and work on the business side of this. He has made a very successful career out of networking magicians with certain level of clientele and to help raise the image of magic and magicians in the eyes of the general public, as well as asserting their value to businesses and corporations. He answers specific questions that some people asked related to specific topics during the lecture.

As for why it is okay that there is not a lot of magic in this lecture: Because this is not a lecture about magic effects - it is strictly about the business side of magic. How many times can you as a magician say you have seen or heard of someone, with experience, sit down for a couple of hours and talk about the business of magic? It is a very important part of what professionals do that is also very hard in a lot of ways to manage (but very much worth the effort!), and this is part of why aspiring professionals or semi-professionals should hear this lecture. Even professionals can benefit from this lecture - I know I did.

The ad copy shows only a small portion of what is covered - there is a lot of information to take in and digest and you will probably find yourself, if you are truly interesting in becoming a semi-pro or pro magician, watching this many times over.

In short, if you have ever considered doing magic for a living (partial or full) then this lecture is for you - you will learn many valuable things from this one. If you are not interested in doing magic for a living and only want to be a hobbyist or are only interested in learning magic effects, skip this lecture, although you would certainly still gain something from it.

VERY highly recommended!

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Author: Kimlat, Kostya
Publisher: Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.
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Manufacturer's Description:

Kostya Kimlat is a world-renowned sleight-of-hand artist and top corporate magician. In this exclusive "At the Table" lecture, Kostya shares the secrets of his success in "Show" and "Business" as a full time performer. A consummate professional, Kostya will teach you how to make the most of your magic, performing casually for your friends or for paying clients. You'll learn principles of interpersonal communication that will help you entertain with confidence and connect to your audiences with ease. Whether you perform for one, ten or one-thousand people, Kostya's teachings will take your magic to the next level.

You'll learn about:
Reading Your Audience
Best Ways to Approach Crowds
Hottest Way to Break the Ice
A Card Effect That Plays for Thousands
Routining Your Magic for Close-Up & Stage
Secrets of Live TV Magic
Secrets of Restaurant Magic
Foundation For Following Your Passions
Principles for Growing Your Business

Kostya will talk about the magic he performs at:
Hotel Banquets
Sports Events
Live Television
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