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At the Table Live Lecture - John Guastaferro 7/23/2014 Review

Official Review

August 26th, 2014 2:44am
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
This was an amazing lecture! Most of the material presented was planned but there was a surprise bonus effect that was shown and explained -just fantastic material!

If you have ready of the books John has written or seen any of his past DVDs, you will recognize some of the material here, only the handlings have been updated or in some cases as he points out, changed, for various reasons.

The beginning of the video was hard to understand because it seems like the microphones were being overpowered, but about 20 minutes in it got much better.

Mike is a great host and interacts well between the guest and both the studio audience and the web audience. John did a great job of demonstrating and teaching, and, he answered questions from viewers with rather in-depth answers.

One of my favorite effects was "Little White Lies" - very nice! Another one that I quite enjoyed that may be of particular interest to those of you that do parlor or stage work is his "Multi-Mental". It is a multiple-selection revelation via mind reading, but the method could very well be applied to handlings of similar effects like the Robert-Houdin version called "The Ladies' Looking Glass".

There are two types of people I would recommend this video for: Those of you that have never heard of John Guastaferro and those who are familiar with his work already and enjoy it. The material is top-notch, none of it is overly hard to do and it is both very clean and very magical!

If you have never heard of or seen John Guastaferro - get one of his books (especially 'One Degree') or one of his DVDs. This video would also be a great introduction to his work.

VERY highly recommended!

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Product info for At the Table Live Lecture - John Guastaferro 7/23/2014

Author: Guastaferro, John
Publisher: Murphys Magic Supplies
Average Rating:  (3)
Retail Price: $24.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

John Guastaferro is a dynamic performer, author and creator. His published works are acclaimed by magicians worldwide, including his Brainstorm DVDs (2003) and book One Degree (2010). In this new lecture, John will cover a broad range of effects, predominately with playing cards, featuring some new material and old favorites. He'll also talk about the creative process and how the one-degree approach can create great impact through small refinements. Learn more about John at



  • In the Doghouse (two Jokers and a selection transpose)
  • Club Daley (a two-phase sandwich effect using two selections) MOVES

  • Ballet Cut (John's versatile in-the-hands false cut/flourish)
  • Proximity Peek Control (learn the identify and position of peeked card) MENTAL
  • Twenty (a commercial blackjack and poker effect with a mental twist)
  • Little White Lies (a fooling packet effect with an ending no one sees coming) NON-CARDS

  • Some fun bits, including unpublished ideas for Ring & StringACES

  • Tailspin (an impromptu twisting effect with some new added touches)
  • Hide & Seek (a very clean pocket interchange effect)CLOSER

  • Multi-Mental (John's signature multiple selection routine)

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