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Patrified (DVD and Gimmick) Review

Official Review

August 25th, 2014 1:54am
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
Finally! A SansMinds product that I was wholly, completely and totally blown away by - and you will be too!

This DVD has live performances shot in a loud nightclub and though it was hard to hear some of the dialogue (not all of it), you can see what is going on with the magic. It was nice to see this because not only does it show that the material works with a live audience, but it shows that it can be done in any environment.

The production quality for the rest of the DVD was excellent - it was well lit with clear, crisp audio and visual aspects and the menu was easy to navigate. The ad copy is basically the description of the effects and it is 100% accurate - the only one I might nitpick on is the description of 'Inflict Evolved' - they do touch the card to make it change (apparently), but the card is in your hands and the change actually happens a split second before they touch it.

I like the way Patrick did things in the studio: First he shows you a studio performance and then teaches the effect, sometimes using different angles. If there is a variation on a particular effect or a different handling, that is explained after the main version and at the end, there is a general walk-through of the entire effect from beginning to end. That walk-through includes the variations if there are any. Patrick is a great teacher and this is very well done.

The effects as a whole are not very difficult, but some of them are knacky. After I watched this I wanted to try getting some of the things down before I reviewed anything. There are two moves I am already going to be using in my close-up work. I have been able to get most of the material down but it will require practice to make them smooth - they are all very much doable methods though.

'Morph' is a fantastic effect and easy to do. The move used in it is more of a utility than anything because it can be used in many ways to visually change multiple cards - words cannot describe how visual and magical this is.

The production part of 'Be-Tween Production' is also very visual, but this one is a really knacky move. This same move is used in the effect called 'Inflict Evolved' and it looks very magical when it happens.

You will also learn an effect called 'Snowblind' which is a color-changing deck effect with a nice ending. This is one of THE BEST and most visual color-changing decks I have ever seen (or that you will ever see)! It is not hard at all and the necessary cards come with the DVD. These are standard card gimmicks and you will already have them if you own the gaff decks for Phoenix, Bicycle or Tally Ho decks. If you use other types of cards you might already have one of them and can easily make the other one that you need.

If you prefer and instead of being used to turn the deck blank, the 'Snowblind' technique can be used to change the color of the backs, or to change the deck from Bicycle back to an Aristocrats deck, for example.

There is a short credit section on the DVD listing some of the references and inspirational ideas/routines, but Patrick goes into more detail of the crediting and history during the explanations.

This is a great product, the effects are all visual, the methods are all doable and most are pretty easy but some are quite knacky, they just require some good practice to make them smooth.

If you are looking for some solid material that is very visual, very magical and overall not difficult to do, this is the DVD for you!

VERY highly recommended!

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for Patrified (DVD and Gimmick)

Author: Kun, Patrick
Publisher: SM Productionz
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $34.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

SansMinds presents the amazing Patrick Kun in action. This is a complete collection of Patrick's most updated work. Are you ready to be "Patrified"?

Seven Killer Effects

1. Be-Tween Production
Rub two jokers at your finger tips and a card visually appears in between the jokers. PK style!

2. PK Double
A single handed double lift with just the right balance of flourish and practicality to perform for live audience.

3. Inflict Evolved
The first visual sandwich effect that allows your spectator to do the magic. The moment they touch a card, it visually changes to another. The evolved Inflict.

4. Centerpoint Retouch
The updated display version of Patrick's signature Centerpoint effect. Slick and sweet!

5. Morf
This is the effect everyone is talking about. Four random visually transform into any four of a kind of your choice.

6. DIY Aces
Patrick's take on spectator cuts to the aces. It has never been easier!

7. Snowblind
Patrick's ultimate finale for his everyday professional card routine. What's your excuse not to learn it?

**Comes with special gimmick produced from USPC. Supply your own blank deck

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