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Heinstein's Dream Review

Official Review

April 9th, 2014 8:54pm
Reviewed by James Sanden
“Heinstein’s Dream” is Karl Hein’s version of the classic, torn and restored card plot. I’ve studied a number of handlings over the years, exploring impromptu versions, gimmicked ones, ones where the card restores all at once and ones where it’s restored one piece at a time. Mr. Hein’s is the first approach I’ve seen that allows for three very different effects using the same basic method: a flash restoration, one that occurs in the spectator’s hand and a piece by piece restoration.

In the DVD Mr. Hein not only gives credit to his predecessors, but also goes in depth into the history and development of his approach, a welcome, useful and insightful addition to the contents. The method he has created combines elements of these other versions into a flexible approach that allows the performer to start by tearing the card the same way, then choose an ending based on performing circumstances. While his method is not impromptu, it doesn’t require a great deal of preparation, and what that preparation allows for makes it well worth it. His is a very clean handling, and the performer can show his or her hands clearly empty at several critical points in the routine. The method also provides a way to clean up at the end that’s gratifyingly sneaky.

Regarding how the effect appears, all three versions start with having the selection signed, increasing the effectiveness of the final restoration. The in-the-spectator’s-hand version is great for when the performer is surrounded, the flash restoration is good for when the audience is primarily in front of the performer and the piece by piece version is suitable for more formal performing situations. At the same time, “Heinstein’s Dream” is less angly than many other versions, and a careful performer will find all three options to be viable in a number of circumstances. But again, should something change mid-performance, it’s a simple matter to change approaches and use one of the alternate endings.

It should also be mentioned that, given the number of versions and popularity of the plot, Mr. Hein’s handling of the piece by piece restoration is particularly strong. There isn’t a lot of ducking in and out of pockets, the card spends very little time out of view, the hands can be seen empty before and after, and the moments of restoration are very magical. Of all the versions I’ve studied, this is one of the most practical and magical in appearance.

“Heinstein’s Dream” is also one of the best produced magic DVD’s I’ve seen. Unlike many magicians, Mr. Hein has clearly spent a great deal of time determining the best way to teach the material. His descriptions are clear, concise, effective, and cover tiny points many magic teachers wouldn’t bother including. In addition, the camera work is outstanding, with not just multiple angles, but close ups, slow-motion sequences, and onscreen text. He even went so far as to highlight areas of the screen during freeze frames to draw attention to critical moments in the handling. He seemed to do everything he could possibly think of to effectively communicate the material. By my account, this should be the new standard for educational magic DVD’s.

Not to overstate it, but “Heinstein’s Dream” has no flaws. The instructions could not be clearer or better conveyed. The material is extremely practical, flexible and very magical. And the ability of the performer to be able to choose the appropriate ending mid-performance makes the torn and restored card plot accessible to many who may have shied away from it in the past. This DVD was truly a pleasure to review. I give it my highest recommendation.

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Author: Hein, Karl
Publisher: Koppertop Entertainment Inc
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Retail Price: $29.95
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"Heinstein's Dream is without a doubt the best torn and restored card I have seen. It's a real workable item!"
- Bill Malone

"I have had this for quite a while now and can HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who want to add a T&R card routine to their REAL WORLD show. Of all the versions that I have examined over the years, Heinstein's Dream is the one that I currently use strolling/stand up. It looks very clean and is relatively easy to do!"
- Cody Fisher

"Heinstein's Dream is strong, visual magic that is practical and performable. If you are looking for a real world torn and restored card effect Heinstein's Dream is the answer."
- Matthew Furman - Professional Magician

"Heinstein's Dream blew me away the first time I saw it. It looks like real magic. The explanations are clear and easy to follow with no details left out. By far my favorite Torn and Restored card effect!"
- Ian Pidgeon

Heinstein's Dream is a clean, practical, commercial and easy to perform version of the Torn and Restored Card. Fine-tuned after more than a decade of performances, creator Karl Hein has developed a diabolical method for this classic effect. Heinstein's Dream allows you to adapt the same setup to perform 3 versions for maximum versatility: An instant flash restoration at the performer's fingertips, a powerful restoration in the spectator's hand and a visual piece by piece restoration. If you've been searching for a solution to this plot that is as practical as it is deceptive- look no further. Heinstein's Dream delivers!

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