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Cover the Spot Review

Official Review

September 7th, 2014 12:01am
Reviewed by Jeff Stone

Ah . . . the classic carnival game. Many a sucker has had to by a round o' drinks thanks to this clever carny con. It's Sad But True (thank you Metallica) but a sucker IS born every minute. I guess David Hannum was right.

What you are forking over $32 bucks for is a poorly produced DVD along with the well made props needed to play this game. For the uninitiated, basically it's a bar bet, carny con, etc. where you have a big plastic red disk and 5 smaller white disks. The object is to drop the white disks on the red one in such a way that the entire red disk is covered - not even a hair of red is showing.

Sounds easy, but it's quite tricky. This DVD covers in depth exactly how to win the game, how to practice and all the little tricks you can do to con others. Frankly I don't see much of a magical application for this, but I could see myself showing my friends this effect. Also, if you're a three shell or endless chain kind of guy/gal - I'm not - this could likely find a home in your act.

I mentioned the poor DVD production. Though it is grainy and Ian Kendall's tutorial is pretty dry, you can still easily see and hear what you need to see and hear. There's no doubt it's produced well enough to learn the effect.

Final Thoughts

This game was shown on the BBC show, The Real Hustle (starring R. Paul Wilson). Unlike most of the other cons featured, they did not reveal the method for this one. If you're interested in the plot, you'll likely find satisfaction with this product. $32 bucks isn't too bad, so all in all if you have a use for this I recommend this as a great solution.

Final Verdict:
4.5 Stars with a Stone Status of Gem

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for Cover the Spot

Author: Kendall, Ian; Wong, Alan
Publisher: Alan Wong
Average Rating:  (3)
Retail Price: $32.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Cover the Spot is one of the more elusive of the Bunco games. Played at carnivals and on midways all over the world, thousands of marks have tried to win valuable prizes by simply covering a red spot with 5 discs. They all failed. Now, with the work explained by award winning magic teacher Ian Kendall and bespoke props made by Alan Wong from tough plastic that will last for ever, you can add this classic game to your Bunco show, magic gen or just carry the discs with you to the bar for some free drinks. Remember to scam ethically...

When the BBC's Real Hustle team wanted to feature the Spot game they turned to Ian for the real work. Coney Island master of the side show Todd Robbins said, " Ian's tutorial is the best source available for learning the working of this wonderful evil 'game'!"

Peter Duffie in Magic Magazine said "All in all, this is a DVD that provides excellent value for money, tips the 'work' on a little known game, and is definitely worth checking out."

Comes complete with 6 plastic discs (1 red, 5 white) and instructional DVD.

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