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Fat Brothers 2.0 Review

Official Review

March 12th, 2013 4:34pm
Reviewed by James Sanden
The “Fat Brothers” consists of Dani DaOrtiz, Miguel Angel Gea and Christian Engbloom. Together they have released 2 compilation DVD’s to date, most recently “Fat Brothers 2,” which is the subject of this review. This 2 disc set contains 12 tricks taught by the Fat Brothers, as well as appearances by many of magic’s luminaries, including Juan Tamariz, Michael Weber, David Williamson, R. Paul Wilson and many others. (R. Paul Wilson also teaches a 4 ace production credited to Marlo.)

The 12 effects taught are divided evenly among the 3 magicians. Dani DaOrtiz teaches 2 versions of Triumph, an open prediction and a transposition effect using a deck divided into red and black. Miguel Angel Gea teaches a one coin and card routine that climaxes with the appearance of a jumbo coin, a clever “hands off” coins to purse effect, a multiple copper to silver routine transformation, and a Collectors routine. Lastly, Christian Engbloom teaches another version of Triumph, a card through table routine, a bill change and a version of the Haunted Deck. Despite the fact that there are 3 versions of Triumph taught, there is a large variety of material, not just in subject matter, but also in effect as well as the skill required.

Not every effect is for everyone, but any magician should be able to find a gem or three in this collection. Whether your preference is card or coins, gimmicked routines or effects using a borrowed, shuffled deck, there really is something for any performer. Several of the effects taught fooled me badly, including one of Mr. DaOrtiz’ handlings of Triumph where, using an ungimmicked deck, the cards seem to right themselves visibly and instantly. In particular, the method Mr. Engbloom uses for the bill switch is amazingly practical, very flexible and allows for a variety of objects to be switched in and out invisibly and with no overt gestures. This idea alone is worth the price of the DVD. When you add in some clever, counter intuitive ideas with cards and coins from all 3 contributors, this set really has quite a bit to offer.

The DVD was shot in multiple locations and the explanations are thorough and complete. The only drawback (and this is a small one) is that Mr. Gea’s explanations, particularly with his coin effects, are too brief. Effective coin magic is very much about tiny handling details, and Mr. Gea has such a soft touch with coins, that a more detailed and in depth explanation would have been appreciated.

While only R. Paul Wilson explains the effect he performs, other guests perform some amazing magic that’s quite fun to watch, and Michael Weber and David Williamson share two very funny bits. As a bonus, Michael Weber and Christian Engbloom discuss Mr. Engbloom’s enigmatic anti-faro, specifically talking in detail about what’s actually happening as the cards are sprung from hand to hand.

At $60, the cost per trick is lower than any of the one trick DVD’s on the market, but higher than most 3 DVD sets. The bottom line, though, is that the quality of the contents is universally high, and, as they say, if one actually adds an effect to one’s active repertoire, it’s always worth the price. Given the quality of the effects taught, finding something that will fit your style is virtually guaranteed.

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Product info for Fat Brothers 2.0

Author: DaOrtiz, Dani; Gea, Miguel Angel; Engblom, Christi
Publisher: Christian Engblom
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $60.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

After two years of recording, from Spain, Finland and the U.S., is now available the second DVD of Fat Brothers.

Daortiz Dani, Christian Engblom and Miguel Angel Gea venture into a new adventure, with new locations: Magic Castle, Meetings cartomágicas del Escorial, Magic SEI of Madrid, Las Vegas ... where they perform and explain 12 surprising tricks:
  • Entertainment of a Coin
  • The Reel Thing
  • A Cheeky Triumph
  • Colours in Order
  • Felt Trio
  • Double Haunted Deck
  • The Flexible Coin
  • NxA Trick
  • Through The Table
  • Open Triumph
  • In the Middle of the Cards
  • Quick Triumph.
Also, once again, have the cooperation of great friends and magicians as they are, in this case: Juan Tamariz, Paul Wilson, Javier Benitez, Pit Harling, Howard Hamburg, Michael Weber ...

Two Discs and a lot of magic!

Total Running Time Approximately: 120min

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