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No Smoking Zone Review

Official Review

September 19th, 2012 4:27am
Reviewed by James Sanden
The magician walks out on stage, cigarette in mouth, only to realize it’s a no smoking venue. With hands held in the air and away from his body the magician slowly turns around and now, instead of the cigarette, there’s a lollypop in his mouth. Or a stick of gum. Or a whole pack of gum. Or it’s just gone. This effect has some similarities in appearance to some of the effects taught on another of Mr. Kranzo’s DVD’s, “Instant Everything.” However, while “Instant Everything” offers a larger variety of effects, “No Smoking” is much cleaner, which is saying something because “Instant Everything” is also very deceptive.

The effect is simple, direct and quite novel. It’s always great to see a magic release that uses something other than cards, as well as offering a new plot. It’s quite an organic premise and is inherently humorous, so right off the bat it has a great deal going for it. The DVD also covers alternative methods of cover besides turning around, as well as a host of suggestions for what to turn the cigarette into.

“No Smoking” also utilizes a very clever method, which also happens to be reliable and surprisingly practical. While one can’t perform the effect surrounded, with some audience management there are a number of ways to present this other than onstage. And what’s more, it can even be done without a jacket. And while some practice is necessary, the method allows for quite a bit of leeway in execution.

I’m a fan of Nathan Kranzo, who has released a lot of very clever, practical material to the magic world, and this is a welcome addition. My only complaint (other than the typically underwhelming production values) is price. For $35 you’re getting one idea that doesn’t include what you need to perform it. Now, the idea is a very good one, and it comes with quite a few options. And, frankly, most magicians probably have what they need in their magic drawers. However, in addition to a gimmick you’ll have to buy, there is one item that you’ll have to buy/construct that you can get online for $2.75. I believe at the very least this item should have been included. The lack of included props, combined with the fact it was filmed in Mr. Kranzo’s back yard, leave me feeling a lack of value for the money. Compare this to Tomas Medina’s great appearing deck effect “Instant Deck,” which sells for $20 and actually includes the gimmick needed to perform it, and you’ll see what I mean.

Price aside, this is a tremendous piece of magic. It’s different, amazing and funny. It’s fast and makes a great opener. Anyone who performs onstage knows how hard it can be to find material that fits all these criteria, which makes this a great value.

Even if I think it’s overpriced.

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Product info for No Smoking Zone

Author: Kranzo, Nathan
Publisher: Nathan Kranzo
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $34.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

It seems that just about no matter where you go you can't smoke a cigarette. Why not turn this into a great moment of amazing magic? Just when they tell you not to smoke....your cigarette in your mouth changes INTO A STICK OF CHEWING GUM.

The visual change is stunning and magical. ALL IN SHORT SLEEVES.

You can visually change a cigarette in your mouth into... a stick of chewing gum. an entire pack of chewing gum. a lollipop or sucker. a breath mint or an entire roll of mints. and so much more!!!Visually change a cigarette being held in your lips into almost any small object.


You don't ever have to actually smoke a cigarette to do this effect.

This is strong situational magic that is the perfect off-beat miracle. Fits in your pocket or cigarette pack and you can carry it with you at all times.

Running Time Approximately: 15min

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