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Shared Dreams Review

Official Review

November 1st, 2014 4:19pm
Reviewed by Jeff Stone

For $49 dollars . . . you get a really expensive version of Confabulation with some extra pluses that make this better than most routines of this type.

The packaging is beautiful. The DVD is well produced and teaches the effect very well. The effect seems very impossible. Insua has combined several principles to come up with a very impressive solution to the Confabulation concept.

The item containing the prediction is in the spectator's hand before the routine even starts. The presentation has a nice hook but could also be modified to better fit your personality. The method is one of the best that I've seen. The routine is extremely well constructed and well thought out. The ad copy is absolutely correct though it doesn't explain the effect. Watch the demo video, but basically if you cut to the bare bones effect and ignore the presentaion, the spectator names a city, hotel and hotel room number. The envelope that has been held by a spectator from the beginning is opened to reveal that the magi predicted it exactly.

If you're familiar with Confabulation you know the basic method, but I defy you to detect it in this presentation. The only problem I have with this particular method is that when the spectator removes the prediction from the envelope (yes . . . they remove it), the three pieces of information are starting right at them as they remove the prediction and the method of how they got on the paper might be a little more apparent to them than I would like.

However, I still think it's very doable. The only other negative is the fact that it costs fifty bucks and after 20 performances, you have to buy refills . . . For $30 more bucks you'll get 30 more performances. That's a bit steep. The routine, method, etc. in my book is at least 4.5 stars . . . The refill issue and the price knocks it down a hair.

Final Verdict:
4 stars with a Stone Status of Gem

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for Shared Dreams

Author: Insua, Marcelo
Publisher: Tango Magic
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $49.00
Buy Now
Manufacturer's Description:

Marcelo Insúa and Tango Magic present his first mentalism routine.

Can two people have the same dream?
Is it possible to have a prediction in a sealed envelope with the exactly dates and locations or is it just a shared dream?
  • No wallets
  • No electronics devices
  • No pre show work
  • Nothing in your pockets
  • Everything happens in front of people in complete fairness
  • No exotic gimmicks or strange magic props... just paper and envelopes
This is not a dream... this is Tango Magic's Shared Dream.

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