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Ethereal Deck DVD (BLUE) Review

Official Review

September 4th, 2014 9:16am
Reviewed by Jeff Stone

For $38 bucks you get a well made gimmick, a well made DVD, a very good solution to the vanishing deck plot with a teeny bit of an exaggeration in the ad copy.

Let's get that part out of the way first. The advertisement claims you can do it surrounded. That's not even close to true. You cannot do it with someone behind you or even too far into your peripheral. During the performance segments he proved my point By flashing the gimmick a time or two. So it's a bit more angle-sensitive than the ad copy would have you believe.

However, the angles are still really good. Also, the effect is as clean as it looks in the demo. Other than a silk or a handkerchief, the DVD comes with everything you need to do the effect. You won't need anything extra - not even a deck of cards. The method is well taught with explanations for close up casual situations as well as more formal stand up situations.

The stand up version is much "safer" in my opinion, but both methods are legitimate and worth studying. I do think the price is a little steep. However, due to the nature of the gimmick, I don't see any other way to construct it other than individually By hand. So these gimmicks were probably all hand made. If that's the case, then I can relatively easily forgive the high price point.

If you like the effect (I do), then you'll be glad you bought this. The mechanics will be learned pretty easily, and with a little thought, the gimmick can be used for various other ideas.

Random I-Tunes Song of The Moment: Final Verdict: 4 stars with a Stone Status of GEM

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Product info for Ethereal Deck DVD (BLUE)

Author: Vernet
Publisher: Vernet Magic
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $38.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

By "No Way Bottle Production" creator, here comes "Ethereal"; a stunning vanishing deck, simple, direct and professional. Perfect for parlor and close-up.

The magician shuffles a deck of cards in front of the audience, and asks a spectator to peek and remember one of them. Then, he takes a regular handkerchief and openly covers the deck. A spectator now holds the deck and the handkerchief very clearly while the magician shows his hands completely empty.

Then the magician recovers deck and handkerchief and announces that he is going to make the chosen card vanish. After a magic gesture THE WHOLE DECK VANISHES except one card: the chosen one. The magician gives the card to the spectator as a souvenir.

  • No Difficult Manipulations Required
  • You Can Do It Surrounded And Right Under The Spectators' Very Noses.
  • Ideal For Close-Up Or Parlor
  • No Jacket Required
Running Time Approximately: 40min - Spanish and English Audio

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