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Audio Transpositon Review

Official Review

July 28th, 2014 2:00am
Reviewed by Jeff Stone

For $40 bucks you get a cute trick that is probably worth it if it fits your personality.

Personally, I'll probably give the toys to my 14 month old daughter Oliveah.

I highly recommend you watch the demo video after reading the instructions that come with the effect. The instructions can be found on one side of a folded up piece of 8x11 paper found in the box.

They are a bit unclear, and some parts just completely didn't make sense. When I saw the demo video, I realized that what Daryl said to do in the instructions is not what he actually did in the performance. So I think there was a goof up in the write up.

Additionally, my gimmick was a bit iffy. However, there are really good version of this gimmick readily available for around a dollar or less, so that's not too bad. But for $40 bucks you should expect a better gimmick.

Finally, I take issue with one part of the ad copy. It says, "Everything can be examined." That's not true. The baby blanket cannot be examined. Granted, it's taken out of play before someone may want to examine it, but I just want to make sure you know that it cannot be examined.

Having said all that, the props are well made. The effect is very clean and pretty easy to do (after you watch the demo), and it has plenty of presentational possibilities. Watch the demo. If you like the effect (and you're ok with the blanket not being examinable and you don't mind having to possibly spend an extra buck to make sure your gimmick is good) then you'll be happy with the purchase.

I know that my last parenthetical aside probably came across flippantly, however, it was not meant to be. I mean it seriously that if you don't mind those two things, you'll be happy with your purchase (assuming you feel it's the type of effect you would do).

Final Verdict:
3.5 Stars with a Stone Status of gem (with a little 'g')

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Product info for Audio Transpositon

Author: Easton, Daryl
Publisher: Fooler Doolers - Daryl
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $39.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

An amazing new twist on the idea of a magician vanishing something and making it appear somewhere else.

In Audio Transposition -
The rattling SOUND vanishes from the rattle.
The squeak SOUND vanishes from the squeeze toy.
But when you magically bring the sounds back the squeeze toy now rattles and the rattle squeaks!
Everything can be examined!

You will receive everything you need to present a whole hilarious routine! Inside the box you will find the baby toys, the baby blanket bag, the special gimmicks and full instructions by World Champion magician - Daryl.

Easy to do!

Everything can be examined!

Great magic for all ages!

NOTE: Colors of the baby-blanket bag and rattle vary.
Please note that this item contains small parts and is NOT intended to be used as a toy.

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