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More Power To You: The Very Best of David Acer Review

Official Review

April 17th, 2012 3:24pm
Reviewed by James Sanden
David Acer is a full time magician, comedian and writer, as well as being a prolific creator of magic. With this new release he has gone back and culled many of the best of his previously released effects (plus three new ones) for his new book, More Power to You. These include effects with (of course) cards and coins, but also cell phones, rings, bills, balloons, matches and even some great, offbeat ideas with a D’Lite.

Not only does Mr. Acer create clever methods, but his plots are novel and unusual. Even with cards and coins you’ll find themes and approaches that are universal, appealing and frequently quite funny. As opposed to being locked into another magician’s script, by having the very premise itself be intriguing the individual performer will have a much easier time adapting the material to his or her own style.
Mr. Acer is also a genuinely funny performer and writer, which is apparent in the scripts for the effects, as well as in the descriptions themselves. While there are a lot of “comedy magicians” out there who definitely aren’t funny, Mr. Acer certainly is, and you’ll find yourself laughing throughout, while also appreciating how entertaining the material will be in performance.

The material is also extremely practical. Mr. Acer talks extensively about pocket management and getting into and out of effects, and most items taught easily reset and need little, if any, set up. This makes adding the effects to your repertoire infinitely easier. Also, while the material isn’t suitable for a beginner, the difficulty level is moderate, so most experienced magicians will have little difficulty learning these effects.

The only potential drawback to More Power to You is the fact that the bulk of the material has already seen print. However, to own it all would require the purchaser to possess all three of Mr. Acer’s larger books, specific issues of Genii and the Magic Menu, plus own his independently marketed effect “Nomen Omen,” (which is fantastic.) If you own all of that you are clearly a rabid Acer fan and will of course be buying More Power to You because the material has been rewritten, expanded and includes three previously unprinted effects.

This book gets my highest recommendation. It contains practical, powerful and entertaining effects that are clearly explained, include great bits of business and scripts, and the content will entertain the reader as he or she is learning it. Compared to the glut of badly produced, poorly taught and impractical one trick DVD’s being released these days, this is a gem. Even those one trick DVD’s out there that are good pale in comparison because the purchaser gets 32 effects to choose from. Do yourself a favor and buy this book.

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If you liked whatever your favorite book is, you'll love More Power To You! The Very Best of David Acer

29 ingenious routines from over 20 years of published work, all rewritten, revised, updated and upgraded. Plus 3 brand new miracles, including David's astonishing moving-hole effect, "Wormhole"!

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