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Inner Circle Review

April 10th, 2012 10:25am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
Long as this little effect has been around, I'm somewhat surprised that noone's reviewed it! The trick was published in 1980, back when I didn't know who Paul Harris was. A dealer description of the effect compelled me to get it, and I'm not sorry that I did. I confess, I only do a few Paul Harris effects, and always appreciate his attention to minute details-as well as his understanding of visually deceptive 'shows'. This trick performs exactly the way the ad reads. When I first tried it, I was surprised at the illusion. The first phase shows the deck 'wrapped' by the band. You'll fool yourself, that's how convincing it looks. Turn the deck over, slowly remove a finger, and the band is gone-spread the cards, STILL gone. Then slide one card from out of the center of the deck, and it's the selection encircled by the band. What I love, is that two ordinary objects are used to perform this little miracle. The only care needed is having as rubber band which is the right circumference-and of a color that contrasts the deck. The second phase of the routine is the surprise kicker, although not quite as magical as the first, in my opinion. The end notes include a second handling, with an additional prover as a selected card goes into the deck. The trick can stand on it's own, or, be integrated with crazy man's handcuffs or Slydini's rubber bands. Correctly built up and performed, I think this effect can leave a very strong impression. Simple, but impossibly effective. Bare minimum of angle issues.

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Author: Paul Harris
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Effect: A card is selected from a borrowed deck, returned and the cards are shuffled. A rubber band is stretched around the deck, and the band visibly melts away! One card then emerges from the deck, it's the selected card with the rubber band around it!

Comes with an illustrated booklet

There is no preparation, no gimmicks and no forces.

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