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Empty (DVD and Gimmick) Review

Official Review

May 7th, 2012 9:45am
Reviewed by James Sanden
“Empty” by Marcus Eddie is a very clever and relatively easy way to produce a normal deck of cards from an empty card case. It comes with an instructional DVD, as well as a gimmicked card case that does most of the work for you. The gimmick allows you to display an empty case, only to moments later dump a full deck from within it. It’s self contained, requires no switch and has a very natural handling. Simply put, it’s a winner.

The only drawback to “Empty” is that it’s a bit angle sensitive. Ideally suited for a seated audience, it requires some finesse if performing for viewers who are standing, and if one is surrounded, the effect cannot be done. However, this limitation does not result in wasted pocket space, as the cards produced are normal and one can simply ignore the gimmick and treat “Empty” as a regular card case.

Mr. Eddie’s explanation is clear, well filmed and well described. It’s apparent that he rehearsed the explanation and has taught the effect previously, as he covers all the cogent details in an easy to follow and understand manner. He also covers getting into and out of the effect, a critically important, but frequently neglected facet of teaching. He even goes so far as to how best break in the box so that it works smoothly in all circumstances.

An additional benefit to “Empty” is it can be used as a switching device for flat items. As such, in addition to producing a deck of cards, “Empty” can be used to produce almost any small object, as well as transform one small, flat object into another. Being able to use an organic, already present, unsuspected item to accomplish these kinds of effects can make them all the more powerful, as well as making pocket management a breeze.

The most obvious use of “Empty” is as a way to introduce the Invisible Deck, but Mr. Eddie also includes his handling of the classic odd card plot wherein the spectator names the only odd backed card in the deck. While this bonus effect uses a standard method, the handling is simple and had a subtlety that fooled me completely, while using almost no sleight of hand. For some, this subtlety will be worth the price of admission.

I love “Empty.” It’s a fantastic, flexible and practical way to produce a deck of cards that also happens to be a utility device allowing one to perform a number of additional effects. The instruction is top notch, the gimmick relatively easy to use and the ability to choose when and where to perform it makes it an ideal addition to most any close up performer’s repertoire. If you’re looking for a practical, effective, pocket friendly way to produce a deck of cards, “Empty” is a great approach.

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Product info for Empty (DVD and Gimmick)

Author: Eddie, Marcus
Publisher: Kozmomagic Inc.
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $35.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Marcus Eddie's ingenious EMPTY is more than a device for producing a full deck of cards from an empty card box.

"EMPTY is more than a mere trick. It is a utility device that is as devious as its creator."
- Eric Jones

"Best thing I saw at Magic Live!"
- Jon Armstrong

EMPTY allows the performer to produce any object that will fit inside a card box.

You can also use EMPTY to transform one item into another.

Comes complete with gimmicked card box and instructional DVD.

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