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Fourfit Review

January 24th, 2012 10:46am
Reviewed by James Sanden
“Fourfit” by Reuben Moreland is a method for the popular “piece by piece” torn and restored card plot. Popularized by David Copperfield, and made famous by Guy Hollingworth, this is a beautiful effect, with a number of methods having been released over the last few years. Which begs the question, is another approach really needed? Regardless of one’s opinion, Mr. Moreland’s approach has some interesting visual aspects making it worth considering.

Of the three phases, the first restoration is the best and is absolutely stunning and convincing. The second restoration is satisfactory, though it does suffer from some alignment issues in the trailer (in which it should look perfect). The final restoration, which is the perennially challenging one from a method point of view, is somewhat unusual. It’s more visual than many of the other published methods, but it also looks like the corner is materializing as it’s being restored. This confuses the effect a bit, though opinions may differ. Beyond the effect as seen in the trailer, Mr. Moreland offers a number of variations, including one handed ones, giving the viewer additional approaches to choose from.

The main drawback with “Fourfit” is that it’s very difficult to perform close up. While other methods have angle restrictions, Mr. Moreland’s approach, particularly in the first restoration, is almost impossible to perform if the audience is not viewing it head on. He states he primarily performs it onstage rather than close up, and in that venue it could work quite well. A more angle proof approach to the first restoration is taught, however the visual effect is quite different and isn’t as impressive as the version seen in the trailer. It’s also important to note that, at the end of the effect, the card isn’t fully restored. A single tear remains, though it is hidden quite well, so again, if performed onstage, this shouldn’t present a problem. Beyond these other considerations, frankly, the method itself isn’t particularly effective when viewed close up. There are some fairly glaring discrepancies and visual flaws (the 2nd restored piece isn’t square after the restoration) visible in the demo video. Lastly, one of the selling points of this effect is that it can be done with a borrowed deck. While this is somewhat true, saying so implies it can be done impromptu and with no preparation. This isn’t the case.

Used as a torn and restored card effect in a parlour show, “Fourfit” is a fine choice. But there are many choices out there, each having a distinctly different visual and aesthetic appearance. I would recommend watching other versions to see which ones fit your style and have the exact effect you’re looking for. In particular, I’d recommend checking out Daniel Garcia’s “Torn” and Dave Forrest’s “Star,” though Guy Hollingworth’s version is also worth studying (and is contained in a book that also includes much more of his stellar magic.) After comparing your options, if you like how “Fourfit” looks, and have a show in which you’d like to perform it, this effect could serve you well.

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Author: Moreland, Reuben
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Manufacturer's Description:

Reuben Moreland has been catching the eye of top industry pros from a young age. His award-winning competition act has brought him all over the world. In his DVD debut, Reuben shares a close-up miracle that he's been honing for years.

Fourfit is a stunning piece-by-piece restoration of a torn playing card based on an original concept by Max Cron. Each restoration is more magical than the last, with the pieces simply fusing together with a light touch. You can use a regular, borrowed deck of cards and the card can be shown on both sides after each piece is restored. The reassembled card can even be handed out as a souvenir! Reuben teaches Fourfit in extreme detail, and even provides additional handlings and tips so you can customize the routine.
  • Use a borrowed deck
  • Easy-to-do
  • No sticky stuff
  • Show both sides after each restoration
  • Restored card is examinable
  • Multiple handlings taught
  • Card can be signed
Find out why close-up masters everywhere are hailing Fourfit as one of the best torn and restored card effects to come along in years!

Running Time Approximately: 50min

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