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Alarmed Review

August 10th, 2011 10:18am
Reviewed by Paul White
When I first opened Alarmed I was disappointed, not with the concept but with the presentation. I could not see how I would use it as the proposed presentation did not fit my style very well.

I started practicing with the props and really liked the end result. It is a very practical way to produce a blockbuster outcome - a photographic prediction of the exact day, hour and minute that some real or imaginary event occurred based on what a spectator has said.

The DVD is great. It provides multiple presentations and variations, and explains exactly how to achieve the desired result. The working easy to do. However, I still did not like the 'name a tune' method of getting to the ultimate result.

I realized found that I could combine Alarmed with other effects so I didn't have to beat around the bushes in any way to make the preparations needed for the end result.
I found two ideal ways to get into the effect - one that involves the spectator writing but not revealing the time and the other does not involve masks the time in a more elaborate plot that makes four rather than one revelation.

I now have a show-stopper that fits my particular style. I could not be more pleased with Alarmed as it totally complements either of the two effects.

I highly recommend Alarmed. It is a great effect that plays just like it reads in the ad. The thought that was put into developing it and the effort put into making the excellent props deserve an award for innovation and creativity.
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Product info for Alarmed

Author: Qualter, Noel; Gower, Ade
Publisher: Alakazam UK
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $57.65
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Manufacturer's Description:

From the creator of the bestselling effect iDeck comes another off the wall commercial big hitter!

Alarmed is an incredible prediction effect that ends with your spectator receiving an impossible souvenir.

Here's The Effect:
Your spectator imagines an alarm clock sitting on their bedside table. They name any day (i.e. Mon,Tues, Wed etc.) and any time (There is no force of any kind). You draw a clock depicting the selected time and day and ask your spec if this is what they imagined. You now reach in to your pocket and remove a photo of an old style digital alarm clock radio. The alarm clock in the photo shows the exact time and day the spectator just thought of!

You are going to love Alarmed. It's a real world worker with an amazing prediction captured in a photograph!

Alarmed comes complete with 50 x custom photo gimmicks (refills are available) and an instructional DVD outlining multiple routines and handling tips.

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