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Drinkmagic Review

June 29th, 2011 9:55am
Reviewed by Amazing.Louie
"Refreshing", is one word I would use to call "Drink Magic"...If your looking for a card trick here forget it! , This DVD is all about using liquid drinks in your act. Very unique idea's for platform or stage performers. **As a bonus Lair tells you how to make your own 20-oz production which is still on the market at around $20-$25.00! That's a deal...I bought it for that one effect but was happy with the other effects:

Shrink drink & 2.0: 12oz. soda can shrinks to half it's size: Nice effect, Do this at a Corporate show and floor them!

Red Magic: One of my favorites....Easy to do, Red Rose turns into a red streamer...placed over a lit candle The candle vanishes and instantly a bottle of red liquid appears! Nice stage effect....I will use it.

20 oz. production: I bought DVD for this effect, now you learn how to do it for pennies on the dollar....Love the method.

BIG: Alot of potential for the right performer...A long stemmed glass and a sheer white scarf are shown, Then out of nowhere a 2 liter bottle of soda appears...great effect, but I would use a bit larger silk to perform the effect than what was on video....The bottle you produce is large, Method helps...but have to watch angles.

Those were my favorites, There are a total of 10 effects on DVD. The other effect are good. Overall a great deal . You will find something you like. I gave 9 rating in all because I didn't like the slow motion before effect were introduced, Sometimes "tipped" the method....Before I could guess. Michael is a good teacher, Makes it easy to learn. Also gives you step by step on how to make the props....

***Don't tell your competition about this DVD, Be the first on the block to blow people away!

Product info for Drinkmagic

Author: Lair, Michael
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Retail Price: $25.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Featuring the International Brotherhood of Magicians' Originality Contest 2009 1st Place Award Winning Entry 'Shrink Drink' + 9 other cool ideas with drinks to add to your magic act!

Michael P. Lair, creator of the Coins! and Candles! DVDs, presents drinkmagic, containing 10 of Michael's latest visual magic effects with cans, bottles, and cups of drinks. All tricks and their complete construction and performance tips are fully explained. There is something for everyone on this DVD and several of the effects within are so visual that you will enjoy fooling yourself in front of the mirror!

Shrink Drink : The winner of the 2009 International Brotherhood of Magicians' Originality Contest! A 12-oz. can of soda visually shrinks down to half its size! You can then open the drink and pour it out!

Shrink Drink 2.0 : A subtle improvement that makes 'Shrink Drink' even more deceptive! Watch their faces when a 12-oz. can of soda shrinks down to an 8-oz. can!

Mini-Size Me : A medium size fast food cup full of liquid shrinks quite visually down to a small fast food cup! Don't Super-Size Me...Mini-Size Me!

Mini-Size Me 2.0 : A subtle improvement that makes 'Mini-Size Me' even more amazing! This is the perfect way to shrink a fast food cup when you are pretty well surrounded by your audience!

Super-Size Me : As you are drinking a small fast food drink, watch the shock on people's faces when the cup quite visually stretches, with no cover whatsoever, into a medium size fast food cup! Amazing!

Cup of Soda : While you are pouring a 12-oz. can of soda into a fast food cup, the shiny can of soda quite mysteriously disappears with no trace! This effect can be performed in short sleeves, too! The can that was just seen being poured into the cup, completely vanishes!

20/12 : A 20-oz. bottle of soda magically shrinks down to a 12-oz. mini bottle of soda as you are pouring yourself a drink! As the soda lowers, so does the bottle!

20-oz. Production : A clear, tall drinking glass is shown with two 18" scarves. Suddenly, when the scarves and glass are given a shake, a 20-oz. bottle of soda appears. 20-oz. Production is a quick, fun lead-in to your favorite drink magic trick using any 20-oz. or 1-liter bottle of liquid! This is one of Michael's marketed magic effects that made Joshua Jay's Top 10 List for 2005 in MAGIC Magazine!

Redmagic : This is a perfect opener for a stage magician. A red rose turns into a red streamer. The red streamer is placed over a lit red candle. The red candle suddenly vanishes, and instantly a bottle of red liquid is there in the candle's place! This one looks excellent performed to music!

Big! : A long-stemmed clear glass and a sheer white 18" scarf are shown. Then, out of nowhere, a 2-liter bottle of soda is magically produced. Big! is so amazing! The 2-liter bottle just materializes out of nowhere in your hand, to the amazement of your audience!

Running Time Approximately: 54min

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