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Smoke Review

February 1st, 2016 2:29pm
Reviewed by Cyril May
The short review: Smoke is an excellent effect.

The details: Smoke allows you to produce "smoke" from your mouth during close-up and strolling interactions with individuals. You could probably do it on stage but parlor might be better given the size of the billowing smoke would appear smaller on a big stage.

Smoke is stunning but not hard to master. Given that it comes from your mouth you need to spend a modest amount of time mastering some basic breath control ( don't have to be Houdini and hold your breath for several minutes). The "smoke" is not really smoke...there is no flame, actual smoke, etc. The manufacturerers have done a great job producing a product that does what it says it does, does it safely and makes those who watch you experience a truly magical moment.

I have used Smoke's basic mouth production, and the smoke-from-bottle variant, to great effect in educating the public about environmental issues. Telling someone that their trash gets burned isn't as effective as blowing a cloud of smoke out of your mouth to show what happens to their bag of trash. Smoke has enormous potential to serve as a beautiful and powerful explanation point for showcasing issues: fire safety, rainforest destruction, dangers of smoking, etc. It can also be used in the basic routine, Portal, to simply blow people away with something that does look truly magical.

My gimmick got stolen while testifying to public officials. I had to work with Theory11 to see about replacements. The staff were all very courteous and helpful in our email and phone conversations.

Product info for Smoke

Author: Alan Rorrison
Publisher: Theory11 (?)
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Retail Price: $50.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

A match is ignited and pressed to a small black dot - a portal - is drawn on the palm of your hand. With your other hand, you slowly trace the path of ignition up your arm, across your chest, and finally to your mouth. You open your mouth - and a cloud of smoke emerges.

Created by Alan Rorrison, SMOKE represents simple, powerful magic. It needs no introduction. While intended for those 18 years of age or older, theory11 made every effort in production of SMOKE to ensure precise safety in operation. The smoke is harmless - made of organic compounds.

The DVD teaches a full routine utilizing the SMOKE gimmick entitled PORTAL by Dan White. You'll also see 6 other applications and concepts that you can build off of. The possibilities are endless.

Nothing was a higher priority for us than safety. We went above and beyond to ensure that the gimmicks provided were as safe, effective, and reliable as humanly possible. In fact, the gimmicks provided were THREE TIMES the cost of our original prototypes. We demanded quality - and we took our time to find it.

The smoke created using SMOKE is not actually smoke. Try to say that three times fast! But it is true - it is NOT smoke. It is actually vapor, made from organic compounds and completely harmless. It causes no irritation or discomfort whatsoever with responsible use.

A powerful, simple effect that is diabolical in function and applauded by some of the top names in magic. Enough supplies are included for close to a THOUSAND performances - and refills are available at any time.

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