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Trapped Review

Official Review

March 25th, 2011 9:50am
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
Trapped. That's what I felt like as I watched this DVD.

If you're going to put out a one-trick DVD and sell it for $25, it had better be one damned good trick, or at least have a well-produced gimmick in the box with the DVD. This DVD didn't deliver on either.

Tricks come in and out of vogue. It seems that the cap-in-bottle premise has been a hot topic the past few years. This is the most recent "version" to hit the market. I put "version" in quotes because I’m not convinced there's anything new here.

We buy books, DVDs and tricks because we want something new and/or better than what we have. The creator claims that what makes this DVD special is that the cap remains in the bottle, which can then be given away as a souvenir. That didn't sound new to me. So I did a quick search here at MLA and found that almost all of the versions put on the market leave the audience with a cap-in-a-bottle. Heck, one of the products I found in the database was a small booklet put out by Daryl. I think it came out in the '80s. Not exactly a new idea, is this?

I suppose I could cut the product some slack if it proposed an interesting method. Quite the opposite. I don't know about you, but when I work on a new method I do my best to keep the audience's mind as far away from the actual method as possible. Not so here. You begin by bending the cap in half and dropping it into the bottle. I can't tell you if this is how it works, but it certainly gets the audience thinking along those terms, doesn't it?

You pop the cap back out and ask that someone flatten it out for you. As they're doing this, you pull a second cap from your pocket and screw it on the bottle. Wait a minute! I thought this was impromptu. Why do you have another bottle cap? Have you been drinking all night and decided to keep the caps for your personal collection? Hmmm...

Now comes the best part. Imagine this. Your helper has flattened out the first cap, which is now lying on the table. You hold an empty, capped bottle. You slam the bottle down on the cap and a bent cap appears inside the bottle. Cool, eh? Yeah, that part is nice. But at the exact moment you slam it down, you see the first bottle cap scooting off the table and onto the floor. Come on guys! At least edit that part out of the video or change the camera angle so I can be fooled at least once. If this is really how it works, it appears you can only do this for one person who happens to be sitting at the exact right angle... and you'll have to spend decades mastering the slamming move so that the cap goes shooting off at the right angle.

Look, if you want to do an impossible object in a bottle. Get John Thompson's Coin in Bottle. It's a masterpiece, created by a master of our art. It makes sense, is extremely deceptive and comes with a wonderful routine.

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

Product info for Trapped

Author: Johnson, Jordan
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $25.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Walk up to spectator borrow their empty bottle and visually penetrate their cap into the bottle. To take it a step farther the cap is "Trapped" in the bottle, and before we forget to mention, the CAP IS SIGNED.

If you have ever wanted to perform the classic visual cap in bottle effect without the use of a PK ring then Trapped is the effect for you. Trapped teaches several very easy methods to accomplish the cap in bottle effect, on the spot, impromptu, with borrowed bottles. There are methods that are 100% impromptu, there are methods that require a very small amount of setup and there is a gimmick included that will make performing this effect way too easy. What separates Trapped from other effects on the market is that the methods taught on this DVD were specifically thought out for the person who wants to ditch the sleight of hand and focus on performing a simple close up effect that people will remember for years. For those who like the sleight of hand, don't worry, we included some of that in there too.

Important Points To Remember:
-Easy to perform
-Many different methods
-The cap can be signed
-The cap is Trapped in the bottle and can be given away as a souvenir

Running Time Approximately: 1 hr
1 gimmick included

NOTE: DVD mentions that an extra unit of the gimmick has been included. The Vendor has since removed the extra unit.

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