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V2F 2.0 Review

Official Review

June 7th, 2011 2:51pm
Reviewed by James Sanden
V2F by G is a DVD providing a way to vanish a face up card from the top of the deck. Visually, it’s quite impressive, with the performer only using three fingers to cover the top half of the card. As the hand slowly moves the length of the deck, the face of the card disappears, vanishing completely as the hand slides off the deck. After viewing the effect, it might come as a surprise to some that no gimmick is involved. Despite the fact that it looks like a camera trick, everything is done with sleight of hand.

The explanations are in the form of a video walk through with some text for clarification. I experimented a bit with the effect and found it to be quite challenging. While the explanation is adequate, it’s the bare minimum. I’m certain there are a lot of touches and subtleties that could (and should) have been included in the production.

In addition to explaining the basic technique, G also offers several routines utilizing the move, including card in shoe, card under wallet and card in spectator’s wallet, along with some novel variations. What these all have in common is that the card ends up folded in quarters in the final location. What’s great is that the folding of the card is integrated into the vanish, making for a very effective and organic combination. As for the included effects, the card in shoe is fine, though the explanation of loading the shoe leaves much to be desired. Card under wallet is an interesting combination of “card under glass” and “card in wallet,” and though the structure is a bit weak, it’s a combination I’ve never seen before and one I think worthy of exploring. Card in spectator’s wallet is not a bad solution, though I have seen better. Still, it does have some nice subtleties one could apply to other effects. For the record, the color changing card case seen on the demo video is not explained, and I can’t imagine it being done exactly the same way as the effects done with cards.

At its core, V2F is a great, ungimmicked method for visually causing a card to vanish from the top of the deck. The illusion leaves nothing to be desired and the performer ends with the card folded in fourths, a very advantageous position to be in. While the included applications are fine, there are many directions one could go at the completion of the vanish, and the discerning performer will certainly have ideas of his or her own. While I am very impressed with the effect, I'm giving it a 7 because of minimal instruction offered on the DVD. If your style and approach fit the nature of this effect, though, I’m sure you’ll astound your audiences with the most visual, ungimmicked card vanish I’ve seen.

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Product info for V2F 2.0

Author: G; SM Productionz
Publisher: Will Tsai - SM Productionz
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $29.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

G. , a creative thinker from the East who has recently finished his lecture tour in Taiwan, have decided to share his creative mind with a series of amazingly practical effects to the Western world in the next bit! And this, is just a start...

Imagine you are caught up to perform something in unexpected situation, and your friend hand you a beat up deck from a bar... Simply have a spectator sign a card, you visually vanish the card, and make the card reappear in your OR EVEN SPECTATOR'S WALLET!!

Visually vanish a signed card and make the card reappear in your OR EVEN SPECTATOR'S WALLET!!


1. Use borrowed deck
2. No Gimmick/Impromptu
3. Perform Surrounded
4. It's a card to any wallet effect without expensive wallet!

Basic Routine includes...

Card to any wallet

Card to spectator's shoe

Professional Presentation straight from G.'s work

Illusionary Prank -
Magic is all about perception. After the audience witnesses a very visual illusion (signed card to wallet routine), it was just an illusion after all. Nothing ever happened from the beginning...

Time Travel - G.'s take on the classic ambitious card routine that he perform on a daily basis.


  • Use borrowed deck
  • No Gimmick/Impromptu
  • Perform Surrounded
  • It's a card to any wallet effect without expensive wallet!
It's hard to find visual and practical magic that you can do with borrowed objects... so what are you waiting for?

"It's visual, it's strong, it's practical, and it's an gaff effect without gaff. What more can you ask for?"
- Will Tsai

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