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Shoot Force Review

Official Review

June 8th, 2011 2:39pm
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
This wins the award for worst DVD of the year. I am talking about the DVD itself. I wish I could tell you this has some useful information, but I’m not entirely sure. Shoot Ogawa teaches and translates, and his English is not the best. Many fine details are lost in the translation, and some of the psychology and logic make no sense.

When dealing with something like the Classic Force, psychology is the main ingredient, and that’s where things like language barriers make it difficult to share information and experience. Because Shoot does not speak very fluent English, this DVD feels like a wasted effort. Also, why he has to translate a sentence like, “Now, here is the explanation” at the beginning of almost every explanation is a mystery.

The other reason this was the worst DVD of the year was because the menu was impossible to navigate, and if you use the menu to go to a specific chapter, it brings you right back to the main menu when the chapter ends. This feature makes it easy for you to lose your place on the DVD, and makes it much harder to learn from.

The sound levels are also very bad. Not all cameras require you to be hooked up to a mic, but it would have helped in this case.

Mr. Yanagida is a supposed master of the classic force, who offers his theories on the DVD, and is translated by Ogawa. Because he is still talking while Shoot is translating, it makes it even harder for us to understand Shoot, and once again, we don’t get the real work that is obviously here. He is also in a t-shirt, and this is made to look more sloppy than it is by having Ogawa wear a suit and tie.

Not sure how useful the actual information is, all these things just built a wall making it impossible to learn. There are so many places to learn the classic force, and this should not be one of them.

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Author: Ogawa, Shoot
Publisher: Shoot Ogawa
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $30.00
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Performance of Force
Cut Force - Slip Force - Dribble Force - Classic Force

Casualism - The Choice - Sync

Advanced Force
Spread Force - Other Hand Force - Estimated Classic Force - Mental Force

Theory of Classic Force
Mr. Yanagida Interview

Running Time: Approximately 1hr 32mins

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