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Phantasm (RED) Review

Official Review

May 8th, 2011 2:04pm
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
“Card Warp” is a classic. It’s near perfect. Why, oh why then, would anyone try to ‘improve’ it? Jamie Dawes claims to have done that, and he even claims his version is ‘more visual’ than the original. I’m not sure how an effect that’s ALL about the visuals can be ‘more’ visual.

For almost twenty-five bucks, you get a DVD that teaches you how to make a gimmick that allows you to do this less than stellar effect. The original “Card Warp” requires only about a ten-second preparation, while this takes several minutes. You also have to start with the cards already pre-folded, so from the very beginning you seem more prepared than in the original version.

He also claims that the situation of the cards at the end are ‘more impossible’ than the torn cards left at the end of “Card Warp.” Where he gets this idiotic logic is more incredible to me than his effect. I’ve discussed the original “Card Warp” with some of my friends over the years, and we’ve ALL had people examine the torn pieces for the rest of the night. Once again, Jamie’s ‘problem’ with the original does not exist.

There are several awkward moments in the handling, making it look much less clean than the original. Go ahead, look at the preview. If you really think it looks better than Roy Walton’s genius effect, then you deserve to lose twenty-five bucks.

The only positive thing I would have said about this product is that I thought it was packaged nicely, until I realized they misspelled the creators name on the package. The DVD was somewhat well edited, and it was over quickly. However, it's not enough to keep it from getting the dreaded half star!

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Product info for Phantasm (RED)

Author: Daws, Jamie
Publisher: Alakazam UK
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $24.00
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Manufacturer's Description:


Imagine taking the classic card warp to exciting new visual extremes. Well this is exactly what Jamie has done!

Phantasm looks impossible and the card seems to instantly turn from face down up to face up and as if this wasn't enough your are left with a weird souvenir to give your spectator

This can be used as a packet effect you keep in your wallet, a full blown routine with two selected cards or as a great promotional idea with your business cards!

Comes complete with a gimmick, full DVD instructions, bonus ideas and a PDF template to create an amazing promotional give away using your business cards!

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