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The Master Pushoff Review

Official Review

January 10th, 2011 11:07am
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
Andi Gladwin's 2-disc DVD set, The Master Pushoff, is surprisingly good. Not that I'm surprised that Mr. Gladwin has produced something great, as my review of Jack Parker's 52 Memories will attest, but instead I found it surprising because it delivers so much more than it promises.

Gladwin opens by saying that the pushoff move hasn't been well-covered in the magic literature since Marlo's writings in the 70s, then he proceeds to go over the technique in fine detail. It actually doesn't take long to describe because it's largely a matter of developing a knack for it. But there is a nice chapter on troubleshooting that will help you make faster progress. But make no mistake, you'll need to dedicate numerous hours of attentive practice before you are able to perform the move "under fire."

But once you're past that obstacle, the second disc of this set will give you a number of clear and magical card routines in which you can put it to use. You'll also learn some very nice controls where the pushoff is foundational to the technique. Each trick and control is clearly taught and performed in an unadorned fashion.

But let's return to the first disc, because that's where I really fell in love with this set. In addition to the double pushoff, you'll learn second deals, double deals, multiple lifts, and more. Gladwin provides variations and real-world tips about each technique, and is occasionally joined by friends who also have good information to impart. Seriously, disc one alone is more than worth the price of the whole set; it's essentially a master's level course in intermediate card sleights.

Overall the production is unobtrusive and professional. The pace is fast, which is to say there's no goofing around or unnecessary filler (unlike another Big Blind Media production). Not once do you get the feeling that a segment should have been reshot, but wasn't, due to the laziness that seems to infect so many magic DVD creators. Gladwin is also careful with his crediting throughout the disc, and even goes the extra mile by providing a 24-page PDF with full references and additional information about the items taught on the disc.

The Master Pushoff is more than just another disc of card magic. It's a great teaching tool that covers a surprisingly wide range of techniques, it's thoughtfully produced and credited, and it offers a lot of long-term value. I sincerely hope it will serve as a model for other magicians who turn to DVD as a teaching medium; it's miles ahead of the pack in many important ways.

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Product info for The Master Pushoff

Author: Gladwin, Andi
Publisher: Big Blind Media
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $40.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

The Master Pushoff isn't just a move; it's an entire technique that will revolutionize your card magic. This one technique allows you to execute a perfect double turnover (with no breaks or get readies), an elegant second deal, double deals, palms, switches, third deals and so much more ... it can even be used for sixth and seventh dealing!

Building on the work of Edward Marlo, this DVD is the first in-depth look at the multiple pushoff technique in over 40 years. Andi Gladwin's expert touch and easy-to-follow tuition makes it easy to learn and apply the multiple pushoff to your card magic, including some great effects and a guest appearance by Benjamin Earl.

Whether you're new to card magic, or are a card magic expert, this two DVD set is a masterful example of how a technique that takes a split second to execute can be one of the most useful, important technique in your repertoire. Invest your time in learning this move and it will reward you every time you pick up a deck of cards.

"I enjoyed The Master Pushoff a lot. It's a very conscientious effort to teach the double push-off that would benefit anyone interested in learning the move."
- Darwin Ortiz

"Andi Gladwin is THE authority on the multiple push-off, and I think he's the perfect instructor for this invaluable technique. This DVD should be in everyone's collection."
- Joshua Jay

"These DVDs turn the double pushoff; a once-in-a-while sleight into a true utility move. Andi's applications of the double pushoff to control sequences were of particular interest to me."
- Justin Higham

"On his "Master Pushoff" DVDs Andi shows once more that attention to detail can make a huge difference. The many handlings and applications of the Double and Multiple Push-Off techniques presented on this DVD set (including excellent in-depth coverage of the Push-Off Second Deal) are eye-opening, and Andi's relaxed and comfortable teaching-style sets an example of clarity and efficiency that makes it a pleasure to watch and learn from these DVDs."
- Pit Hartling

Total Running Time Approximately: 1hr 45min

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