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Parabox Review

January 28th, 2003 8:03pm
Reviewed by Illusionist
Personal Comments: Very enjoyable little effect, after showing that both the boxes fit inside one another you can produce two sponge balls then make one of the balls grow to around 5 times the size it was before. You can get a good 5 mins out of this effect if you work on your patter and the final transformation is superb. It all comes complete which I like as well. The boxes are in Tenyo trademark plastic but the sponge balls part of the routine lifts the whole routine.
If this effect was crafted in brass it would make a stylish piece to add to anyones performance.

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A red box fits inside a black box. But, the black box also fits inside the red box. Sponge balls materialize out of thin air and even change form, getting bigger and bigger.

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