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Tin Opener (Tin and DVD, RED Bicycle) Review

Official Review

November 18th, 2010 10:20am
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
The DVD wouldn’t play in my player. This was my first warning. After taking it in the other room where it worked on my second player, I began watching. There was no play all function. This was my second warning.

The performance section of the DVD is of the effect being performed in a dimly lit bar, because that’s the only place this is the most deceptive. We are then shown how the gimmick works. Let’s just say if I were to take a picture of the ‘folded card’ in the box, and post it on the internet, it would probably be considered exposure. Again, it only looks like a truly folded card in dark light. The box is difficult to open with two hands, especially while you are palming another object.

On top of it, you are required to keep a quarter or some kind of object in the box on top of the card to keep it visible. While playing with it, I had some issues with the gimmick closing properly. Without exposing more than what a knowledgeable magician would figure out from watching the demo, let’s say the card didn’t always ‘vanish’ from the tin when it was supposed to.

If you study Tommy Wonder’s Card to Ring Box effect, in his books or his DVDs, you’ll know he doesn’t show the box empty at the end, because it’s not needed if handled properly.

If you really want to buy a gimmicked box to show empty at the end of the effect, spend just ten dollars more and get the Kennedy Mystery Box.

Half Star

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Product info for Tin Opener (Tin and DVD, RED Bicycle)

Author: Southworth, Mark
Publisher: Mark Anthony Southworth
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $49.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

From the creative mind of Mark Southworth comes the brand new effect, Tin Opener. Tried and tested in front of live audiences, Tin Opener can be used to add an unexpected climax to any of your working card routines. A card is selected by a spectator and is signed on the face. The card is returned to the deck openly and fairly. From here the magician proceeds to perform their favourite card routine.

Tin Opener comes into action when the card apparently vanishes. The magician points the attention of the spectator to the mint tin that has been in view during the whole performance. The magician slowly picks up the tin and opens it to show that there is a folded up card inside.

The card is tipped out of the tin and is seen on an open palm. Slowly the magician or the spectator unfold the card and unbelievably it is seen to be the spectators chosen card with the signature upon it.

Running Time: Approximately 17mins

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