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Trilogy Streamline Conversion Booklet Review

May 25th, 2010 11:34am
Reviewed by makaplan
I am a great fan of Trilogy. I believe that the streamline version is not as good as you have to control the spectators' choices a little more. But if you own Trilogy and have seen the video for Trilogy Streamline and can't figure out how to convert from one to the other, you are seriously lacking in imagination. It is so obvious that it is hard to imagine anyone needing this book. Either of the original tricks is excellent and since you can create a Streamline version (or two) from the original, I'd recommend the original. Brian had two interesting ideas and then tries to milk it for a little extra cash by assuming there are magicians with more cash than brains. An insulting product that you should find unnecessary.

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Author: Brian Caswells
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All the information you need to convert your original Trilogy to the NEW hard-hitting Streamline version.

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