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Street Cups DVD and book Review

March 9th, 2010 1:31am
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
Note From Joe:

I wrote this review as a user on the site, and before I was asked to become an official reviewer here. This DVD was a gift from a friend. As a consumer, I was not obligated to view the whole DVD to form an opinion about it.

This review is NOT among my official reviews. As an official reviewer, I will view all content that is presented to me for review.


I didn't even make it to the explanation of the routine. There was no need to. You see every single load. Now, the people on the street were still amazed, because they don't get the big picture like the camera does. I understand this, but it's no excuse for the painful performances we are subjected to.

Everyone I talked to about this DVD claimed it was an 'education.' These are people who do this act word for word, move for move, joke for joke. I'll never do the routine, but I think I still got an education.

All these performances teach you is how to yell bad offensive unfunny jokes at your audiences. And it shows you how to guilt them into giving you a few of their singles & fives. If you make them feel really guilty, they may even give you a ten! I got the vibe that these people kept watching this sad excuse of a show to see if it was gonna get worse. Much like watching a train wreck or bad porn, they can't look away, but they also don't really want to watch.

This 'routine' is 17 minutes of a man insulting his audience & 3 minutes of the cups & balls performed in a passable way. Grabbing kids, looking down women's shirts, hitting on teenage girls, and telling R rated dirty jokes that aren't even funny are just some of the things we are treated to watching this 'worker' do.

Don't give me wrong. I LOVE dirty jokes, & I believe people get offended way too easily. However, embarrassing an audience member for a laugh in a magic show is what's killing our art. Adding to that, if you are gonna say something dirty or offensive, especially outside of a comedy club & around mixed audiences, it HAS to be hilarious, or else it's just gonna be dirty & offensive. Gazzo is not hilarious. Sure I laughed at some of the lines, but I'll admit I wasn't laughing for the right reasons.

The best lines are ones that have been used to death a million times, and the worst ones aren't even funny enough to tell to the drunks at the end of the bar. I'll admit to using some of these standard lines in the past, & I immediately stopped after seeing this DVD. So I guess I learned something valuable.

If this really is an education, then it's a lesson in what to never do in front of an audience, and that is not even a lesson worth spending fifty bucks to learn.

Final Lesson Learned: DON'T EVER BE THIS GUY!
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Product info for Street Cups DVD and book

Author: Gazzo
Average Rating:  (3)
Retail Price: $49.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Gazzo is one of the world's legendary street performers. In this ENORMOUS three hour DVD, Gazzo demonstrates and teaches his famous Street Cups routine. This is THE money-making routine Gazzo uses to close all of his street shows. You'll learn everything from placement of the wand to where to stand. You'll learn the moves, the misdirection, the subtleties, and all the presentation tips.

Gazzo teaches you how to do it, and then he teaches you why to do it that way. This is a tried and tested routine. It's being brought to you by way of the streets after over 20 years of live performance experience. Every action in the routine has a purpose. Nothing is left to chance.

First, Gazzo takes you on a tour of his equipment -- The Table Top, The Stand, The Poacher's Pouch, The Gazzo Cups, The Balls, The Hat, etc. Gazzo says, "Professionals can't afford cheap props."

Next, he walks you through the entire routine -- The Beginning Phase, The Middle Phase, and The Final Loads. He even walks you through the wand spin!

Finally, Gazzo invites you to sit in on a teach-in with fellow street pro Guy Collins. Guy is a juggler who is just starting to learn Gazzo's routine. You'll see Gazzo teaching Guy and walking him through the entire routine, correcting any mistakes and explaining why each move is done a certain way.

But, without question, the hi-light of the DVD is the MASSIVE one hour performance section. This is one of the best live street performance sequences ever captured. You'll see how Gazzo interacts with his spectators, how he builds the routine toward the finale, and how he encourages a massive hat.

The passionate student of the cups and balls will find this an invaluable resource.

On the Menu-

  • Over one hour of live performance footage!
  • Full in-depth explanation of the routine!
  • Performance by Gazzo's student, Billy Kidd Angles Section featuring head-on and ceiling cam. Use the angle button on your remote to switch angles.
  • Teach-in with street performer Guy Collins.

Running Time Approximately 3hr 8min

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