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Cake In The Hat Pan Review

February 7th, 2010 6:59am
Reviewed by Phil Tawa
This is a classic and I'm sure most of you know the workings but for those who don't, I wouldn't do it in someone's house, only stage or platform. Not for a beginner. Easy, fun, but messy. You don't have to be messy but I think it makes the whole routine. If you get it and can't do it, put it on a shelf and you'll find a use for it as you progress. You can get a LOT of time out of this on stage and after so many performances you will end up with a nice comedy routine. I have not seen it performed for a long time so it's good for rediscovering. I really can't rate it because it depends on the performers likes so for this I give it a 3. Although the precision of the prop is a 5.

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Borrow a hat from a spectator, (or use your own) and show it to be totally empty. Explain that you'd like to show the audience how to bake a cake. Bring out all the ingredients -- eggs, milk, flour, sugar, all kinds of stuff. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl, then "accidentally" drop all the ingredients into the borrowed hat. Oops. Well, no problem. Just drop a match into the hat to heat up the ingredients and hopefully turn it into a cake. Needless to say, the spectators will be a bit concerned as flames come out of the top of the hat. But, it's magic to the rescue. Say the magic words ("Betty Crocker") and -- voila -- when you turn over the hat, out comes a perfectly baked cake.

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