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Hell Bent Review

December 2nd, 2009 11:44am
Reviewed by Anthony DeTomaso
I recently received my Hell Bent from Bob Solari magic after watching his video demo on his website. I have to say that I love watching myself perform it in front of the mirror. It really is a perfect illusion. So far every one that I have shown this effect was nothing short of amazed. Briefly you show 2 keys in your right hand , a silver one and a gold(brass colored) one . You ask the spectator to name one,you remove one key to place in your pocket and close your hand over the remaining key while always showing the round top part of the key through your closed hand (near thumb) open your hand and the key is bent. And can be examined. Its easy to perform , and carry. Its a perfect illusion. Comes with keys gimmick and great instructions at a great price not to mention spectators love it!

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Author: Solari
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Two keys are shown in your open hand one brass one silver. A spectator names one (brass); the other (silver) is put away. Close your hand around the brass key for a moment. When you open your hand the key is bent at a 45 degree angle.

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