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ESPerfect Review

February 18th, 2009 10:54am
Reviewed by whonow
Pretty good! When you see the method, you'll hit yourself on the hit. It's not obvious to specs once you get the moves down though. The video of the effect on youtube is also misleading as to the first part when he guesses what card she was thinking about. Pretty obvious out principle but you'll enjoy the effect. It's honestly an effect they should have sold for 10 bucks without a DVD. Then again, no one does that these days.

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Author: Peter Nardi
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Retail Price: $14.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

The Next Generation In Psychological Magic! Two sets of five cards are shown to the audience. One set has red backs and the other blue. The performer hands the red set of cards to the spectator and she is asked to imagine that she's sholding a full set of five E.S.P. cards-the circle, cross, wavy lines, square and star. The performer displays the faces of his cards, showing he, too has a set of E.S.P. cards. Both the spectator and performer mix their cards and the performer hands one card, face-down to the spectator.Without looking at the faces of her cards, the spectator also picks one card and hands it to the performer. When the two cards are turned over, they both have the same symbol! Now, this could just be a marvelous coincedence, so the spectator is asked to turn over the rest of the cards in her hands. When she does, they're all seen to be completely blank! ESPerfect comes complete with all of the necessary cards on Bicycle stock and detailed instructions.

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