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Ring In Salt Review

January 4th, 2003 6:28pm
Reviewed by Steve Giles
Nice trick, same idea as the bill tube.
However one word of warning Don't use salt (I use coloured sand) as it can corrode metals and don't use an engagement ring as the salt (or sand) can get wedged in the small cracks and fittings etc.
Wedding rings are the best to use.
This trick is unsuitable for table hopping as it takes a little while to reset it.

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Publisher: El Duco
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Borrow a ring and thread it on a piece of rope. The rope is tied in a knot around your hand. Reach into your pocket with your other hand and bring out the magic salt shaker. Sprinkle some salt on the hand with the ring. Open your hand, and the ring has vanished. Have a spectator open the salt shaker and pour out the salt. There, in the pile of salt, is the borrowed ring.

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