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VDP Review

Official Review

August 7th, 2008 10:53am
Reviewed by Christopher Carey
There are times when it's a very sad thing indeed to give a bad review. This happens when the performer/creator obviously put in a great deal of time and effort into creating a top-notch product.

Such is the case with VDP. Young magician John van der Put put his heart and soul into this but ultimately the effect and methodology fails. There is a lot preparation one must complete do to perform this effect. Which means if you don't fall totally in love with this, you will feel cheated.

The preparation involves a lot of gluing, precise cutting and splitting of cards. Mr. van der Put provides several routines, but unfortunately his performance of these look like rehearsals. A flash here, a bad second-deal there, fumbling, weird displays and presses all contribute to an overall feeling of sloppiness. It reminds me of one of the points "Master" Burger drives home in his lectures; don't try to perform beyond your skill level! There are many things I WANT to perform, but there are many I SHOULD NOT perform.

John van der Put explains his inspiration for VDP in his introduction. In 2001, while away a college, he had a dream that inspired him. Prior to the dream he had been thinking about Guy Hollingworth's REFORMATION and how he wanted badly to have a signature piece like that. The problem is VDP is so close to the moves in REFORMATION that it is simply an inferior version of Mr. Hollingworth's signature piece.

The are angle problems, noise problems, and display problems. None of these are obvious in the video demo one can view on the internet. The only place one might be able to do this is on television with the mic turned off during the transformation. If this is what you're looking for, and the plot appeals to you, it might be worth it. The production value, as is with all Alakazam Magic's products is very good and Mr. van der Put is likable and humble. But this is a pipe dream if there ever was one.
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Product info for VDP

Author: John Van Der Put & Alakazam
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Retail Price: $35.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Windows Media Video File View ClipVery occasionally, someone develops a brand-new methodology which allows for effects which were previously considered impossible.

Imagine a signed playing card transforming quarter-by-quarter into a completely different card with the signature still intact! Ah, but is it the spectator's signature? Of course! But can the card be given away without a switch? Absolutely!

But that is just the start of what VDP can accomplish.

Back in the summer of 2001 Jon van der Put invented VDP, the principle behind some incredible effects that have created a huge buzz in the underground magic community. Previously, John has only taught the real work on his basic effect to one or two of his closest friends. Now the time has arrived for the fantastic VDP to enter the arsenals of magicians around the world.

On this exclusive Alakazam DVD Jon teaches the complete handling of the basic VDP effect as outlined above. In addition, he teaches a variety of advanced applications including: signed selections and predictions that transform, unbelievable transpositions, mind-bending card-fusions and impossible co-incidences.

Remember - in all the effects, the card is signed by the spectator at the outset, magically transforms quarter-by-quarter and is given away as a souvenir at the end with the spectator's signature still intact.

Jon's VDP is a low-tech marvel which will allow you to perform dozens of stunning, memorable effects.

Running Time Approximately 64min

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