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Burnt Review

April 27th, 2008 12:59pm
Reviewed by Billhall
This is named properly, since you will feel like you have been when you receive this one! You need to wear a jacket to do this trick and it's not worth it. There are easier ways to accomplish the effect that are more practical. If I knew the method was going to be nothing new or improved, then I would have skipped it. I gave it 2 stars since the idea of the trick is really neat and that alone is worth some thought and experimenting with your own method to do this trick.

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You hand a spectator a small glass vial to examine and an ordinary box of matches. He selects a match, drops it in the vial and the vial is closed. Placing it in your hand the spectator concentrates on having the impossible happen. The vial is now seen to be clouded from smoke. The spectator takes the vial, unscrews the cap and tips out the match, burnt to a crisp! This item is NOT FOR SALE to minors.

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