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It's A Match Review

April 21st, 2008 1:51pm
Reviewed by Billhall
This is a great piece of magic. It lends a visual element to a prediction type bit and it has always been well received. You get your money's worth with this one. When doing it close up, however, you need to get the match books out of play after the trick to avoid people looking at them. The funny part is that they won't be wanting to look at them as a result of suspecting them - they want to see the different places on them! So they naturally attract attention by the nature of being imprinted with different places on them. Some of these places are a bit humorous and used in the trick. Other than that small bit of advice (and cleaning up the match books will take care of that), it's a crowd pleaser. You'll use this.

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Author: Leviss, Andy
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The magician displays a hotel key card, which is placed face down in full view on the table. He then introduces many different hotel matchbooks, reading the names of a few of them aloud. A participant is invited onstage and asked to choose one of the matchbooks from a large bowl. The name of the hotel is read aloud and it's found to be the same hotel as the magician's key.

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