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Paperclipped Special Edition Review

September 22nd, 2007 8:50pm
Reviewed by James Sanden
This DVD explores “#*@!,” an effect Jay Sankey first released in his 1990 book, 100% Sankey. In 2001 he released a DVD dedicated to “#*@!,” titled “Paperclipped!”

That isn’t the DVD I’m reviewing. Instead, I’m reviewing “Paperclipped Special Edition,” the next generation in DVD’s dedicated to “#*@!,” released this year. Like many of the blockbuster movies of today, apparently this magic trick is too big for one DVD release.

In the effect the magician displays a playing card, folded in quarters and held closed by a paperclip. A card is chosen and signed. When the paper clipped card is unfolded, it is shown to be the signed selection.

This sounds like a great effect. Assuming, of course, that the description matches the reality. Which it does. For the most part. What I mean by “for the most part” is that the method for “Paperclipped” is not particularly clever or innovative. While it is still effective, in order to maximize the impact of the effect the performer must focus on presentation, subtlety and natural handling. Thankfully, this DVD touches on each of these topics.

The DVD begins with an extensive discussion of elements critical to the success of the effect, including key lines to include in the script, detailed instructions on the Mercury Card Fold, an analysis of what makes the trick effective, tips on performing under various conditions, as well as a card routine to use as a lead-in to the trick. The DVD then continues with several ways to cause the prediction to appear when you begin the trick, along with 9 different, new approaches to the effect.

This is a lot of content, which is fantastic. It’s all the content you would look for in a DVD dedicated to one effect. The drawback is that the content is a mixed bag of quality and substandard material. For example, the lead-in card routine he offers starts with the ambitious card, segues to card to pocket, then ends with “Paperclipped.” While independently these are solid effects, no thought is given to connecting them in a logical manner. Also, Jay makes heavy use of double undercuts and riffle forces. While these can be effective sleights, Jay’s performance gives the impression that he is using them to get the job done, rather than because they are the most effective or deceptive sleights for the occasion. Lastly, his handling of the Mercury Card Fold, while technically invisible, draws attention to itself. I found this very disappointing, given Jay is no slouch when it comes to sleight of hand, and the fact that the card fold is critical to the effect.

Also, it seems that some of the methods and effects on this DVD were created and taught simply because they could be. The ideas are not finely honed and clever handlings, but feel rather thrown together. For example, his Bonus Effect, “Card in Egg” is not convincing and leaves the performer with his hands covered in raw egg. That’s ridiculous. The “thrown together” quality of some of the material, combined with the frequent occasions where his hands were out of frame or the camera was focused on his stomach, gave this video a very casual, unrehearsed feel.

While I do have a number of concerns, there are some great ideas to be found on this DVD. My favorite ideas were those that included a bill or another playing card in the effect. Unlike the original handling using a single playing card, the use of a second object actually justifies the use of a paperclip, rendering it and the subsequent switch effectively invisible. There is also a clever application of the one ahead principle, as well as several effects that use “Paperclipped” unconventionally, including a sympathetic card routine and an interesting mentalism/transformation effect.

While there is some lackluster material on this DVD, there are a number of solid ideas as well. Given that, and the fact that Jay gives the real “work” on the effect, gleaned through thousands of performances, as well as those shared by the numerous magicians he has spoken to regarding the effect, there is value to this DVD. If the effect of “Paperclipped” appeals to you, this DVD will be a valuable resource.
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Product info for Paperclipped Special Edition

Author: Jay Sankey
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Manufacturer's Description:

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As performed by Keith Barry on the Ellen Degeneres Show! Experience the mind-blowing modern classic like you've never seen it before! Featuring TONS OF BRAND NEW MATERIAL including:

"SHROUD" - The signed card is discovered folded, paperclipped and WRAPPED IN MASKING TAPE!

"PAPERCLIPPED PREMONITION" - The completely impromptu handling! You fold the prediction in front of the audience, fry them with the classic PC routine, and then astound them with a BRAND NEW BONUS CLIMAX!

"FULL LOTUS"- Paperclipped as a mind-bending transposition!

"CLOSING TIME" - Jay's killer "nest of boxes" paperclipped handling!

"GIFTED" - Paperclipped meets hardcore mentalism! The spectator's date of birth appears on the face of the folded card they've been holding from the very beginning!

And as a SPECIAL ADDED BONUS Jay has included 2 incredible "switchless versions" plus 5 handlings of the folded prediction MAGICALLY APPEARING in the paperclip.

Jay even teaches you the two card routines he ALWAYS performs as a lead-up to Paperclipped!

Jay also teaches you:

The psychology and misdirection behind the all-important key lines of script with the classic PC handling.

Trouble-shooting your Mercury Card Fold.
The value of having the selection signed by several spectators.

Performing PC in a variety of settings including on stage for hundreds of people, at a children's party, close-up (with and without a table) and even when you are completely surrounded!

A one-handed version of the Mercury Card Fold (complete with the ideal misdirection.)

12 Keys to Incredible Audience Reaction!

Considering that PAPERCLIPPED:SPECIAL EDITION is OVER TWO AND A HALF HOURS LONG it may well be one of the most detailed and comprehensive analysis of a single effect in the history of magic!

Much more than just an inspired analysis of a modern classic of card magic, PAPERCLIPPED:SPECIAL EDITION is a fascinating discussion of the art of sleight-of-hand in general including:

Managing spheres of audience focus, suspicious spectators and spectators who "burn" your hands.

Making the most of each "magic moment."

Switching without thinking and sleight-of-hand without tension.

Developing both a macro and micro perpective when practicing.

Framing the audience's interpretation.

The philosophy of practice Jay calls "focusing and forgetting."

Jay even includes the complete handling for his acclaimed SIGNED CARD IN EGG effect!

Add one of the brilliant new handlings of this world-wide hit to your own repertoire TODAY!

Running Time Approximately 2hr 55min

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