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Open Traveller Review

Official Review

August 12th, 2007 11:28pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
David Acer is one of our best reviewers, and we don't even have to pay him. So he automatically gets 5 stars on any review of his material. Go buy this DVD. With all of the time he spends writing reviews for you, he deserves at least that much.

The DVD is full of interesting bits of magic. Most of them are "bits", which is great for those following the current magic trend where everything is visual and lasts less than 30 seconds. David has some new ideas (at least to me) and plenty of new work on old plots and old methods.

If you want something meatier, David has a couple of full routines that are worth your attention.

I think what I liked most was that much of the magic was "situational" and had some tie with the real world.

Of course, there's a plethora of goofy video bits and performance clips. It's all part of the fun of watching an Acer video.

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Product info for Open Traveller

Author: David Acer
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $30.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

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In the Fall of 2002, David Acer embarked on a multi-city tour, beginning in Edmonton, Alberta, where he and magician/comedian Rick Bronson were asked to consult for and perform at the Edmonton Oilers Home Opener vs. The Philadelphia Flyers. This DVD begins three days before the game and takes you on the road with one of magic's most unique personalities as he creates, performs and teaches original, off-the-wall tricks using cards, coins, candies, balls, a clothes drier, matchbooks and bottles, PLUS watch hilarious interludes, incidents, accidents, cameos, and clips from various TV shows along the way!
You'll learn:
• Fresh Mint: Mint a piece of foil into a coin at your fingertips!
• Coke Induced: A cap is removed from a Coke bottle and visibly changes into a beer-bottle cap, whereupon the Coke bottle is shown to have become a beer bottle!
• The Montreal Transpo: An ingenious two-card transposition through a sealed envelope from the minds of David and Jay Sankey!
• Unflappable: A jaw-dropping torn-and-restored matchbook!
• ShadeShifter: A color-changing signed selection that looks like real magic!
• Mitosis: Predict a cell-phone number during walkaround work, at someone's home, or on stage! Plus Shift Happens, Repeat Offender, Mindjob, The Twirl Double, Rick Bronson's Spinner, The Drier Trick, High Invisibility, and more, INCLUDING A BONUS TALK-SHOW APPEARANCE AVAILABLE ONLY ON THE DVD!

Running Time Approximately 2hrs

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