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Roadkillers Review

December 27th, 2002 1:38pm
Reviewed by TrickMonkey
Let me start off by saying that this is the BEST video in my collection at this time. David Acer and Richard Sanders are two of the top close-up performers and inventors of our time. There magic is visual and their presentations are hillarious.

The video is basically one they produced while traveling, doing lectures all over the US. Many sleights are taught on it, some they invented, and some they did not.

Some of my favorite effects on this video are Unlawful Entry, in which you push a spectators chosen card through a solid door (unfortunetly the card can not be signed) and Time Boards, which is a really cool in-the-hands Triumph resulting in three cards remaining face-up which match the EXACT time on a spectator's watch. The only problem I had with this effect is I had NO clue what to do when the time was 11 or 12 o'clock. But I figured out a way around that little obstacle, and I'm sure you'll think of a creative out as well. Every effect on this video is TOTALLY visual and almost all can be performed virtually anywhere.

Some of the sleights taught on this video include the Sliding Double Lift, which is the double lift I know use in every effect that requires one. WARNING: The Sliding Double takes a a lot of practice to master. Then again, what sleight doesn't? They also teach the Rub-A-Dub vanish which is a VERY visual card vanish in which you lay a card under your hand and when you lift it, the card is gone.

I gave this video 4 and a half because one of the effects requires a certain prop that costs about 80 dollars. The effect is visual and really cool, but some of us just don't have that kinda money.

The things that made me REALLY laugh hard were the clips from various magic shops they visited and from them in hotel rooms and such. What can I say, they are two funny guys on a road trip!!!

All in all this video is very cool and I'd recommend it to any close-up performer who wants to impress at a moments notice. There are 25 routines on the video, in all, and each one is great. But it today!!!

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Author: Acer, David & Richard Sanders
Publisher: Camirand Academy
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Manufacturer's Description:

Richard Sanders and David Acer were on the road together for three weeks. Together they have put together a video of 25 ingenious new routines with coins, cards, knives, cars, pay phones, bills, and more. Read some of these effects: Pushing a Chosen Card Thru A Solid Door, Freak out your passengers while you're driving, keeping time with a deck of cards, Twinkle Fhange (new spellbound move), Card in Coin Purse Open Prediction, Deceptive Sliding Double Lift, Card Card Transposition Back into your Wallet, Getting your Photo Taken at a Phone Booth, etc. There's more. Hollywood Aces, Pasteboard Pop Out, Flotsam, Elbow Grease, Permanent Press, Silver Purger, Coins Thru Table Routine, Think of a Number, Around the World to the Max,, and more. This is video is filled with tricks, sleights, and great performances including TV clips and interludes. These guys are funny.

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