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Darwin's Inexpensive Illusions Video Review

September 30th, 2006 11:46am
Reviewed by Steve Giles
I've just bought the DVD of this Video.
If you have the book then don't worry about the video/DVD there is not much difference.

Sadly the Videoing looks very amateurish, looks like it was done in someones living room.

But the sadest thing of is are the props. Yes I know that they are suppose to be 'Inexpensive Illusions' but even Cardboard illusions can be made to look good, not look like floppy boxes that look as if you just got them out of a green grocers Store 5 minutes earlier.

If I had to name this Video/DVD I would have called it "how to build cheap, tacky illusions to make you look like a real amateur."

Don't get me wrong some of the ideas are quite good but no effort was made when making this Tape to make the illusions look good.

I prefered the book!

Product info for Darwin's Inexpensive Illusions Video

Author: Marvin, Gene
Publisher: Gary Darwin
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $29.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

If you one of the thousands of magicians that would love to be an illusionist, but don't happen to have a spare million lying around, this video is for you. You can save thousands of dollars with these ideas. Most of these illusions can be built for less that $20.00. All of the illusions in this video are based on a few, simple, basic principals and can be done with ordinary household objects which can be packed in the back of your car.

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