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Acme Portable Hole Review

December 15th, 2002 10:55am
Reviewed by doiron
Let me summarize everything I'm about to say in one short sentence. This is a great trick.

The effect is strong and for a walk-around performer it's ideal. I like the idea of a trick with a story, and this has an appealing one. Kids like the cartoon aspect of it but it plays well to adults who fondly remember sitting in front of a television on Saturday mornings.

I'd suggest two small changes to the write-up. First, although there is no force, the spectator doesn't have the chance to pick any of the 52 cards but rather, just one of the ones he sees. I've never found this to be troublesome. I just explain that I destroy a card every time I do this trick (you really don't, of course) and so the spec must pick one of the ones remaining.

Second, the description says it resets in a flash and I'd say it resets faster than that. With the handling I use there is no reset necessary at all. This will be quickly apparent to anyone who fools around with the deck for just a couple of minutes. But you can do it the way explained in the instructions and take all of 2 or 3 seconds to get ready for a repeat performance. Still terrific.

It's a fun effect to do, it's ridiculously easy, and it gets a jaw-dropping response. Hard to beat that.

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Author: Talbot, John
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Manufacturer's Description:

Remember Wile E Coyote and Road Runner? Remember all the wild stuff Road Runner would order from the Acme Company? The super power magnets, jet packs, spring boots, super strength glue and my personal favorite, The Portable Hole. Ah, yes. The Portable Hole. Just paint it on and move it wherever you want. That's the idea behind this incredibly cool card trick. A spectator simply thinks of a card. No force of any kind. You draw a Portable Hole on the top card of the deck. Next, you peel the hole off and throw it into the deck. Fan the cards and ask the spectator to remove their card. It now has a large hole right through it. Show the rest of the deck; none of the other cards have holes in them. Just the spectator's freely thought-of card. The Acme Portable Hole is a card trick that even Wile Coyote would have ordered. It's easy to do, needs no replacements, resets in a flash, and is really a fun trick.

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