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Magic Product Name Date Reviewer Rating
Shock Twist Mar 27 Doc Johnson
Cigar Boxes Mar 27 Doc Johnson
50 Fifty (DVD and Gimmick) Mar 27 Doc Johnson
Gemstones Mar 25 Doc Johnson
Out of Sight Out Of Your Mind Blue (DVD and Gimmick) Mar 25 Stuart Philip
Out of Sight Out Of Your Mind - Red (DVD and Gimmick) Mar 25 Stuart Philip
String Theory (DVD and Gimmick) Mar 25 Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
Cerberus Wallet Mar 24 Stuart Philip
Early Dobson Vol 1 - DVD Mar 24 Stuart Philip
Pocket Money Mar 24 Stuart Philip
Divine Chaos (e-book) Mar 23 Joe Diamond
Solomon's Secret Subtleties (download) Mar 22 Doc Johnson
Incarnation (Gimmicks & DVD) Mar 22 Doc Johnson
eLit (DVD and Gimmick) Mar 22 Doc Johnson
Bandwidth Mar 21 Doc Johnson
Chinese Coin Vision Mar 21 Doc Johnson
Tales From the Street (2 DVD Set) Mar 21 Doc Johnson
Hopping Halves Mar 20 Doc Johnson
Secret Servante Mar 20 Doc Johnson
Zoom, Bounce & Fly Mar 20 Doc Johnson
Unboxing Mar 18 Doc Johnson
Unwritten (Blue) Mar 18 Doc Johnson
Foresight (DVD and Gimmick) Mar 18 Doc Johnson
Sharp This Mar 18 James Sanden
Benz Mar 17 Doc Johnson
Solomon's Secret Subtleties Mar 17 Doc Johnson
Impression (DVD and Gimmick) Mar 17 James Sanden
UNLOAD BLUE (DVD & Gimmicks) Mar 17 James Sanden
Solari's Wallet Mar 17 Stuart Philip
Hands Free Prediction (Red) Mar 16 Doc Johnson
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